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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This is the message that Tim and I kept hearing after doing our research and plan of action regarding the recent issue with Maegann. Thankfully, I did have an email back last night from the financial director finally answering a couple questions I had sent her last month. After we discussed all of that I naturally asked her about it and isn't this interesting...the Student Director was there with her so we had a conference call. They knew it would be needed after yesterday. So here's where it has been left:

*Maegann has one mark on her record regarding the time clock as she had left that day for a brain break and didn't even think about it. I told them I thought it was ridiculous as she just forgot, like everyone can or does, and was not allowed to fill out the form when she returned as she had realized her mistake. I told her the learning leader she went to for the signature was not professional at all when she was approached.

*She does not have any more marks on her record due to the events with Rosalinda. The Student Director told me she had spoken with Maegann about how that was easily something that could have happened based on the events between the girls, but as both of them acknowledged their part in all of it, she wanted them to move forward and not be penalized for their past history. (Maegann's brain/processing speed and Rosalinda's criminal record.)

*I did tell them why Maegann came home believing she had one foot out the door (couldn't process that this was what "could have" happened because of her heightened anxiety and suicidal ideation. I asked them to contact me when there are things that seem off with her and if conversations such as this need to happen. Hopefully this will be the end of it until she graduates in February.

*I also made sure that even hinting at believing she had made the social media post was a bad decision on their part because there was zero proof and anyone can go online and create a false page, write what they want, print it off or capture it and then delete the account. I told them they would have done better just to mention that something had been said about a potential post, but it was not going to be addressed other than to remind it would be considered bullying.

So, there's the ending of the story for today. Whew! So glad I don't have to pull out all the research I'd done last not on the grievance policy, criminal history, fake social media pages, etc. I was ready though! And as a very sweet friend reminded me (thank you NJ) God has gone before her and the victory will be evident. Maybe not today, but it will happen.

to everyone who offered encouragement, support and prayer. It was felt and much appreciated!

Other than that today, I cleaned up the kitchen, finished the finances (ugh) and now Tim and I can sit down and figure out how to get out from under some of this debt that build a bit while he was not being paid for those several months. I want them paid off and am thinking a debt consolidation just to get those done and have one payment that we can handle. Medical stuff is still a sore spot from Tim's stroke two years ago and now that Maegann isn't qualified for Medicaid we will have to begin picking up some of her cost again with specialists. I am going to ask the med management doctor if we can meet less often and possible iron some of this out over the phone. I did cancel my procedures for Friday after I saw where our accounts are as I figured the house payment was much more important for this week and it's one or the other because we have a vet bill coming tomorrow due to Ellsworth's needed dental to pull more teeth. I am going to have to dip into the emergency cash for it. emoticon

I was able to listen to two of the Bible study lessons by Kelly Minter (No Other Gods) while I worked which was nice as I have not kept up with it at all. Good timing that moment $$$ was my idol. emoticon

Tonight I'm just going to make tacos as they are simple and just rest tonight. The heat is dragging all of us down, but hey, some good news! The AC may be in place within 1-2 weeks now! We still have most of August, which is generally even warmer than July, and the first part of September to enjoy the relief! emoticon Until then.... highs of 98+ and lows of 70 for an unknown amount of time. I really do think church hopping is a good option Sunday when it's over 100!

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