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We'll call this: Asbestos &%$#*&@#, part 4

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am in my apartment on my own computer! No, we are not home yet, and I have no idea when - OR IF - we'll return.
I had my husband drop me off at 4 am on his way to work this morning, and made a path from the door of our bedroom to the computer. I am finally going to catch up on all my emails, banking, etc, and of course spend as much time on SP as I can.
ONE MONTH FROM TODAY: Aubrey's Wedding!!!
We had a quiet evening alone together last night, celebrating our 7th anniversary by sharing a fresh strawberry-topped piece of cake. I slept a few hours, but was up most of the night. I couldn't sleep, worrying so much about what to do, what to do...?

SO, the enviro company finally removed the last of the bags of waste yesterday, our apt was cleared, and the insurance people came to inspect and make a new estimate to finish the repairs. They DIDN'T remove the carpet in the hall, despite the constant walking back and forth during the asbestos removal and taking out the waste from the back bedroom down said hallway... (my husband said, first thing we do is clean the carpet ourselves!).
The insurance company said they'd TRY to get a construction crew to start on Monday on the ceilings; then there's painting, and laying new carpet. Monday! Okay - BIG BREATH!

NOW, here's the kicker: we got a letter in the mail from our landlady. It was the offer of a renewal on our lease - with a raise of $115 in the rent. I called and told her, "we really want to stay in the apt for the long-term, at least until Bob retires - and you don't like your tenants constantly moving out and having to re-rent - but if you want to keep us as tenants, you'll have to negotiate the rent increase. $115 is just too much - and then, what about next year? Another $100 or more? If we scrape by this year paying the increased rent, what do we do next year if you raise it again? Are you interested in working something out with us?"
You see, this is what we had thought she'd do; but with all the problems with the apt lately, and how cooperative we've been, I'd hoped she would appreciate us as tenants more. She slipped up last year when she forced Aubrey out (because she was sick), and said she doesn't want me there either, because I'm disabled. If she refuses to renew the lease, I can claim discrimination; so she offers to renew the lease, but demands a large increase in rent to force us out.
The landlady's response? "I'm sure you can find somewhere else that's cheaper to live."
Well, I've been looking for a long time - five months last year, hoping to find something we could move into so Aubrey could stay with us; then three months so far this year, just to be aware of the market for renters. No, there is very little out there we can rent, especially with me not able to physically handle stairs.

SO, when Aubrey and I were out last Sunday looking for an apartment for her and Mike to rent next month when they get married - - - - - - - I found the most perfect apt for US! Of course, it's not like we would take it, since we still have two months left on our lease, but it sure was beautiful.
Yesterday, I called the rental agent to see if it's still available - it is, despite them handing out 36 apps, because they are holding out for someone with better credit to apply. She met us there, Bob likes it, and I'm dropping off our apps today - after I speak to our landlady. I'll tell her we found an apt with the same exact amenities as this one (first floor, two bedrms, two bath, garage, large kitchen and dining area, extra lg LRm, and a personal separate laundry room with hookups and extra storage!), AND $200 cheaper than our raised rent (and it's in a rent control area).
With us giving a month's notice today, we need her to release us from our lease only one month early. I think I can convince her it's in her best interests: summer is the best time to re-rent, we can start our move out immediately and not even move back in (we're half packed already), and then half of the apt will still be brand new and she won't have to do much to prepare it for the new tenants.
SO, we'll see!!! Now, I'm just mad, and I'm not having any trouble remembering to breathe this time! Trouble sleeping, yes, breathing, no! Thanks for listening, Elizabeth
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Mama, I can't agree more... it's time to get out of that place and it appears you found a reasonable alternative. Remember, as a renter you also have rights so work with her to see if she can't make a deal with you. The best thing is start again somewhere else, particularly since you're partially packed already!

    Stay calm, cool and collected and things will work out for you, I'm sure. Keep us posted and good luck!
    4258 days ago
  • DAYB123
    Doggone, Mama, it just gets better and better with this landlady, huh? Well, I personally think this is a godsend. You know, this is probably the best time to get the heck out of there. I once had a landlord who did a lot of similar stuff and we ended up paying a little extra for breaking our lease early. In the end it was worth it to write her an extra $300 check to be done with her. I am praying for your situation and hoping that God will bless you 10 times over with this next move. Keep your head up, breathe, get your sleep and keep in touch with us!
    4259 days ago
    Oh man.... breathe in...breathe out. LOL. I thought I was having problems with my situation but hey you definitely got me beat. I am so glad that I live in an area where rent is not ridiculous. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Things will hopefully work out in your best interest.
    Keep on smiling:)
    4259 days ago
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