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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The only word that describes how this day has felt.... SIGH. Sadly, yesterday's events for Maegann did not end. She got to school and the first thing that she got hit with was a falsified social media "bullying" incident. I found the fake FaceBook was blank...but it was there. Unfortunately, the Student Director was not offering any belief that Maegann wasn't guilty. The student that was verbally bullying her yesterday got off without even a reprimand and was allowed to talk down to Maegann during their meeting this morning. Just the two of them and the Student Director. The SD told Maegann before they entered the room that her job was to just apologize. What??? By then Maegann was depressed and having suicidal ideation. Not a good time for any conversations that just bury her deeper. I was able to get in touch with another administrative person and she was VERY helpful in getting Maegann calmed down so she could finish her day. She did come home a little earlier than planned, but she didn't have a client and had made it through long enough. I was supposed to receive a phone call from the SD and never did. I called the gal who was helpful in the morning and she was either going to call me back or the SD would be phoning me within the half hour. Well....I didn't hear back from either so tonight I've been gathering facts so I can craft a response. The SD told Maegann she has 3 marks against her and one more will get her terminated. Since all three of those marks are not valid, we aren't letting it drop. She does not deserve this treatment. Just pray that the truth will be shown at some point.

On a brighter note.... tonight she submitted her video to.....

They are having invitation only, live auditions in Boise next month. Another "just pray" as this is a definite God-given talent that got lost throughout the post-concussion recovery. She's actually brought her guitar back out for the first time in two years! She couldn't remember how to play it even 8 months ago! Wouldn't this be an amazing experience?

Oh...and the 27-year old friendship is over. Answered prayer.

Isaac started the morning a little rough, but he pulled it together thankfully. We did spend time playing the Wii this afternoon so that made him very happy. Tomorrow morning he has Destinie and then Meg in the evening for youth group. Yep...time to go face his church issue.

I think the only thing I got done other than time with the kids (priority) was to do the final load of laundry and print out bank account information so I can figure out the first of the month bills tomorrow. Need to take Maegann to get her glasses ordered as she has to have the new prescription. Mine will need to wait as will Tim's. I am also going to call and cancel the doctor appointment on Friday for myself as we just can't afford it right now. I looked up the average cost for these two procedures and with insurance paying 40% it would still be at least another $300 added to our pile of "have to pay off" bills. I feel it can wait as the reason behind it no longer exists. I think the retake of my labs for thyroid is more important right now.

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