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Goals & Gratitude 7/26/19

Saturday, July 27, 2019

I am happy to announce that I am nearly done with two of my four summer classes. I finished my Intro. to Management class yesterday. We had to write a term paper of at least 10 pages. I didn't have time to start until Wednesday and it was due Thursday, so I sat and just wrote and wrote and wrote on Wednesday. I think I wrote 12 pages in one day. The first 5 pages were from a paper I wrote in spring. Both papers were on Barnes & Noble, though on different topics relating to the company. But I used my introduction from the first paper with the second paper because it made sense to include it. I wrote three more pages on Thursday, so my total paper was 20 pages in length, not including the title paper, an appendix, and the bibliography. I think it came out quite well, and I should get a good grade on it. Hopefully I will have a grade for that class on Monday.

My Business Law class is almost done. Sunday is the last day to turn in work, but I will be done tomorrow if all goes well. I spent today doing nothing but Business Law work. I read the final chapter and did work for 4 chapters. I just have two chapters left, and I think it will take me about 2 hours. I'm planning on finishing tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow afternoon, my Dad is coming to visit me, which is why I want to do my homework in the morning. I will also work on cleaning the house (which is a mess) before he gets here, so I will have to get up fairly early. But that's okay. I'm going to cook a new recipe for us tomorrow: Penne with Sausage, Broccoli, and Cream Sauce. It's from the church cookbook. It's easy and it looks yummy. I will let you know how we like it.

On Sunday I am going to our local monastery for the Friends Meeting. It's a Pan-Orthodox event where people from all the churches throughout L.A. come to the monastery on the last Sunday of the month. We have a talk, then a service, then a potluck. I am making cookies tomorrow for the potluck and I bought a watermelon that I will cut up. I am looking forward to it. I haven't been since last January because something kept coming up when I wanted to go. I am taking three women from church with me which is good because it's a 3 hour drive to get there and I like the company!

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Finish Business Law.
2) Read for Auditing in the evening.
3) Clean the house.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) That I had a good chat with my bf tonight.
2) That I got a lot of homework done this afternoon.
3) That I made a big pot of Manhattan clam chowder this evening. I have enough food for a week!
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