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Helps the spark point total to actually record exercise minutes

Friday, July 26, 2019

It took me 5 and a half months to record the 1900 or so sparkpoints to get to the 50k mark from where i started the year. In the 40 days since, I'm another 1180 points past that barrier. Why? Because a) I've been playing pickleball nearly every day the last three weeks, and b) actually recording those fitness minutes, and earning that bonus spin, and every once in a while, that spin is worth more than the lowest number on the wheel. Stuff adds up a lot faster when that's the case. Also helps when the "every 30 days" bonus points and "every 100th message board post" land on the same day, providing a combined 35 point boost to the tally.

Despite that exercise, the weight really hasn't moved much over the last three months, which is a tad disappointing. Going to have to evaluate that, see what I can do to kickstart that process. I suspect I'll have to get over the boredom I feel with regular gym activities, like the stationary bike and elliptical machines, as well as starting to do some strength training type exercise, more so than whatever minimum a given blc challenge might call for on a weekend. To be honest, now that I'm tuning out on the BLC, I'll have to make sure of even doing that minimum, let alone going past that.


For some reason, this summer feels like it's flying by. I mean, September feels like it's right around the corner, and there's still a week of July to go yet.


On the bad side, I don't get $125. On the good, my info apparently wasn't affected by the Equifax breach. On the balance, I'll take that, not that my info isn't all out there somewhere where crooked folks can access it already. Then again, when I put it like that, if I'm already screwed, why not get a buck twenty five and go see a couple of ballgames with that cash? Alas.
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