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07/25/19 Believe

Thursday, July 25, 2019

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle." Christian D. Larson

All pluggers have a set of encyclopedias, but they have to explain what they are to their grandkids.
"And they contain information on just about anything. Well, up to 1968."

Little Jenny walked into the kitchen one day and looked up at her mother, who was busy cooking dinner. “Mommy, how old are you?” she asked.

“Now dear,” said her mother, “You should never ask a woman what her age is.”

“Why not?” demanded Jenny.

“Because it isn’t polite. You’ll understand better when you grow up.”

Jenny thought about it for a moment, then piped up, “Mommy, how much do you weigh?”

“Jenny,” said her mother, “That’s not a question you ask people.”

“Why not?” demanded Jenny.

“Because it’s not polite to ask grown-ups about how much they weigh. You’ll understand some day.”

“Mommy,” Jenny asked, “Why did you and Daddy get divorced?”

“Darling,” her mother replied with a sigh, “That’s something that’s still very painful for Mommy, and I really can’t talk about it now. I’ll explain when you are a little older.”

The next day, Jenny told a friend at school about the conversation with her mother. The other little girl explained to her, “All you have to do is get a look at your mom’s driver’s license. It has all the information about any grown-up you want on it.”

So little Jenny sneaked a peek in her mother’s purse when she got home, and looked over her license, examining it carefully. That evening, she went back into the kitchen and announced, “I know how old you are, Mommy, You are 36!”

Her mother looked down at her, surprised. “And I know how much you weigh!” said Jenny. “You weigh 135 pounds.” “Jenny, where did you learn this?”, her mother asked. Jenny just smiled and continued, “And, I know why you and Daddy got a divorce.” Her mother just gasped and asked, “Why?”

Jenny replied, “Because you got an F in sex!”

It's Red Shoe Day! Today we wear red shoes as a remembrance for those lost due to invisible illnesses such as lyme disease and fibromyalgia. The day was started by friends of Theda Myint of Australia who loved red shoes and died July 25, 2013 from lyme disease.
--Culinarians Day: we salute cooks or chefs who are experts in cooking, preparing, presenting and serving food; the culinary arts didn't grow as its own field until the end of the Renaissance when chefs were leaving the royalty and nobility to establish themselves in the inns and could serve the general public.
--Health and Happiness with Hypnosis Day: the day raises awareness of hypnosis as a tool for dealing with some health issues; do your homework first.
--National Hire a Veteran Day: today raises awareness of the needs of our returning veterans and provides a platform where employers and veterans can meet.
--National Carousel Day: lots of fun memories riding the merry-go-rounds; the first conceptual design was found in 500 AD Byzantine Empire; in the 1840's, Franz Wiesenoffer of Hessville, Ohio, created the first carousel but the recognition goes to William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa, who received the patent in 1871.
--National Chili Dog Day: a fun way to eat hot dogs; each locality has its preference as to what kind of chili goes on the dog; how do you like your chili dog?
--National Wine and Cheese Day: if chili dogs aren't your thing, then maybe a wine and cheese pairing; the pairing of wine and cheese goes back to ancient times; usually whatever was locally produced was used.
--National Intern Day: a salute to the earnest young person starting out in the field and trying to learn the ropes while not getting much respect; just remember: that intern you took advantage of will be one of our future leaders.
--National Refreshment Day: the day is intended to salute a cold beer on a hot day.
--National Hot Fudge Sundae Day: the origin stories are varied but they all do agree the hot fudge sundae was an American concoction.
--Thread the Needle Day: today has two meanings; one, a salute to the tailors and seamstresses that keep us looking our best; two, a tip of the hat to those who navigate through positions of equal delicacy on a regular basis; examples are our diplomats and mediators.

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