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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

So, doctor this morning went over all the symptoms I'm having, put in for an asap to be put in on my consult for a 2nd opinion with a new neurologist, and also for 2 CT scans. The first will be without contrast, they have to do this to make sure there is no bleeding, otherwise they can't do the with contrast, which is the 2nd one. I don't know what I hope for more, that they will or won't find something. I want to know what to do, what is causing all of this, but then, I don't want it to be anything serious. And yet again, I don't want it to remain a mystery. The doctor wanted to get it done tomorrow, but they require you to sign a waiver about insurance unless you give them 4 days to run it past insurance. So the scans are next Tuesday. DH wants them to do an MRI with contrast. But according to my records, they are trying to say the one I had done when I was in the ER was with contrast. But it was not. The neurologist even said so when he reviewed it, and both DH and I remember that it was without contrast, and I was not given injections of any kind, nor signed anything for it. So they have to go back to the original MRI from the hospital. The new neurologist is taking a while because apparently I have a lot of paperwork for them to look through, LOL. But, the referral coordinator is calling to update them and then sending them the new info and said if they don't call me in a few days to call them, she gave me their info, since now know who I'm going to be seeing.

Aunt G, God love her, is being her usually pushy self. She wants me to go to Emory and wanted met to call and demand they redo the entire referral to have it sent there. I explained that this guy I'm going to be seeing is fine and Emory, while being the best, is also the most crowded and backlogged. It would take forever to get me in to see them. She's been more pushy and aggravating than normal. She insults without realizing she is doing so, and my soon to be teenager got so mad at her for her underhanded insults on the wishlist she had put together. I keep telling my DD not to get upset, Aunt G doesn't even realize she is being rude most of the time, and I did tell her it was my DD's wishlist and it was what kids were into nowadays and is perfectly fine. I have to remind my DD that Aunt G never had kids nor had much to do with them, so she doesn't know anything about them (though she thinks she is an expert on everything). She is helping me some, since I can't drive, but honestly I'm a little tired of her too (okay, more than a little). I try to be understanding, but she is in the situation she is in because of her own doing. Especially with family. I remember one time when we came to visit, I had just found out I was pregnant with my 2nd, had not even been to the doctor yet, we were going to announce it to family at a dinner at my husband's grandmother's house (Meme) and Aunt G said something about having children that made me want to leap across the table and strangle her. It took me forever to warm up to her, and it is mainly because I feel bad for her. Most family treat her badly, but again, it is her own doing. I have to take her tin tiny doses, and make her visits far and few between otherwise she grates on my nerves to quick.

So, early morning seems to be when my head hurts the least, and DH is worried about my not being active and getting possible blood clots or something, so tomorrow morning, I will start my exercising again. I was going to two days ago, but a bunch has happened. And this morning I slept late, so I had a migraine starting by the time I got up. Not fun. I won't work out if my head is hurting, that just makes it worse. But I can at least walk some and stretch.

I am worried about all the weird side effects and that I'm having migraines even though the Botox is still working. There is a 'test' to see if it is still working, and it is. But my head is killing me. It's okay-ish right now, because I took my migraine meds and laid down.. but these meds are not the kind you can take daily. You can take only two within a 24 hour period, at least 2 hours apart, and only 4 within one week. I did not know this till the NP at the neurologist told me. I'm so glad I didn't go over that limit on accident. That should have been something that the neurologist told me to from the beginning!!

So, we went to Bubble Bees, Taiwan tea place, and while we had a difficult time communicating, the tea was pretty good. My YDD wanted to try Bubble tea, she does not like the tapioca balls that make it bubble tea, but liked the tea she got. I had wanted the honeysuckle green tea, but we had been talking about jasmine green tea (they gave me a few samples, so that I could try making some hot at home - it seems they only make iced tea) and they thought I meant that I wanted it sweetened with honey, which, given the choice between honey and sugar in tea, I prefer honey. But man was it sweet!! Next time I will know to ask for about half of the honey they put in it. I could still taste the flavors of the tea, even with all the honey they put in it. It was very good. So I have found my place to go instead of Starbucks. Only problem is that they don't open till 1130!! The family that owns it is from Taiwan, and had a bubble tea shop there before moving to the USA, but bubble tea was only a thing in New York and California back then. Now that it is growing in popularity, they opened a shop here. They gave us some free samples of some tiny little balls that you can add to your tea, that are not like tapioca balls, they are smaller and when you bite them they pop with a gush of fruit juice! So yummy! We tried peach, mango and strawberry, all so good!! ODD got a watermelon slushy and then complained that it didn't taste like real watermelon, but artificial flavoring. I told her they can't use the real fruit juice flavorings in things like that most of the time, and have told her that before with other drinks. I tasted it and it tasted almost like they used a very strong honey to flavor it. It was a very interesting flavor. I gave the place a 5 star in my review, even though I didn't get the tea I wanted, it was still good, and not their fault that they did not understand that I didn't just want honey as my sweetener, but the honeysuckle green tea. Oh well. It was still such a fun and yummy experience!!

Funny story, the vacuum cleaner was clogged and stopped working. I unclogged it as much as I could, but it still would not start. I had my YDD switch outlets it was plugged into, still would not work. Took it to the vacuum place today and not only did he find no clog (I guess I got it all, even though I thought more was still in there) it started right away and had full suctioning power. I'm glad to know I can start vacuuming again, because the dogs have been on the couches too much and I went to sit on one the other day while on the phone and it was gritty!! Can't have company over with that!!

So, this weekend my ODD turns into a teenager. Yikes.

Hope you all have a good night!!


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    Praying that your new dr will be a good fit and help you with all the stuff going on.
    emoticon to your daughter!
    54 days ago
    I hope that the tests can find the source of your migraines. I suffered with them when my daughter was about 1 - had them for a year or two, off and on. Haven't had them since but I still remember how awful they were. Best wishes!
    54 days ago
    Praying for answers!
    55 days ago
    wow. that's a lot going on. glad you are here. hugs!

    55 days ago
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