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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

emoticon So, DH spent more money that he should have, and then went overboard on vacation. Now we are behind financially and don't know how we will get the kids everything they need for school... He says the school supplies can wait, and I disagree so much!! So, when my bank emailed me that they pre approved me for a credit card... I've been hanging on to that email for weeks, but him telling me that was the last straw. I got up in the middle of the night and applied for it, and got it!! It gets here next week. I will NOT have my kids called out and put on the spot for not having the supplies they need. I was poor growing up and was so embarrassed when this would happen to me, but Pop was too prideful to do the assistance thing. We make too much money to ask for assistance from the school for supplies, so this, I felt, was my only option. I'm going to get Aunt G to take us shopping for supplies as soon as my card gets here.

I don't like doing this without him knowing, but what else can I do? He won't listen to me. I know he is going through a lot right now, but he keeps shutting down any conversation I try to have with him. It is his way or nothing. Well, tough cookies. I refuse to have the kids suffer because of this. I won't let them go without. My limit on my card is much higher than I thought it was going to be, and the terms are really good. I love having a military bank (USAA) that I get such good benefits from!!

I slept much of yesterday. I had a seizure and they drain me. And I had what felt like a migraine (still do), but I had my botox injections not too long ago, so I should not be having migraines so soon!! I will not be getting any further injections though. Today I'm going to cancel my next appointment, because I'm getting a 2nd opinion. I had more seizures over the past month, and my current neurologist refuses to look more into it, and won't look at the possibility of a connection between the seizures and my migraines suddenly getting worse, which happened around the same time. Basically, I think he just wants to sell me Botox. So, 2nd opinion it is. I did not tell the kids about the seizure, they would worry too much, so I told them I was still sick from the virus. I'm feeling better this morning, though I got up super early for some reason. Just woke up. Insomnia sucks.

So, today I'm going to try to start easing into working out. Start slow and don't overdo it.

I have a full list of things to do today and also this week to get ready for my ODD's 13th birthday this weekend. I won't get to see her much on her actual birthday, DH is taking her to DCI Atlanta (Drum Core International - marching bands). She is excited, even though she wanted to go to Six Flags, this is what DH decided he wanted to do with her. He's so stubborn!! Anyway, it's not every day your girl becomes a teen, so I hope she has a wonderful day! I don't even know what we got her for her birthday, which is very annoying. DH just bought stuff, told me how much he spent and that we weren't getting her anything else. So, time to open the boxes and see what we got her and get them wrapped. Plus, we have company coming soon, and I did not realize there was so much that needed to be done around the house!! I went to sit on the couch while on the phone yesterday and it is gritty!! Our vacuum cleaner is broken, so I can't vacuum it, so we are going to try to get that fixed (if possible) on Thursday. Then I need to steam clean them. Ugh. I'm hoping to make our friends stay peaceful, her Mom just passed from cancer, and she wants to come to the area to visit friends and to hang out with us, and to get away for a little bit. Plus, because of the money problems we are having, I have to call the young lady that helps me clean and tell her I won't be needing her services for a while. I will tell her I will be a good reference for her and want to have her help me for holidays and Spring cleaning still.

Also, I'm so excited about this, I'm reading a book on helping dogs with fear, and after just reading the introduction, I went to the author's website. She had a contact page, so I sent her a note on what is going on and asked for suggestions for books or videos or anything really. She replied that she wants to help me, and call me to see what she can do to help!! She sent me some questions to think about and answer, and is going to call when she can. She is West Coast, I am East Coast, so timing will be difficult, but I can't wait to talk to her!!!

Things are a mess right now. I'm having a lot of trouble with hormones too. I get emotional and start to cry at the slightest things!! I think it's too early for menopause, but who knows! I just hope I can manage through it and still get stuff done! There is so much going on, everything seems so chaotic. But, all in His good time. I think that things will work out fine, I just hope that DH stops overspending and realizes we need to start budgeting, even if that means hiring someone to help us to do so. We had talked about it before, but he has not talked about it since. And right now talking to him about anything other than pleasant topics is just too difficult.

Well, I'm off to wake the kids and start our day and get stuff done! Today, after chores, we are going to watch the original Overboard, and then maybe Grease!! Tomorrow is our actual movie day, but we don't have any fun stuff planned for today so maybe we can do that... hmm, we don't have a game night planned yes, so that is a possibility as well.

But first, to work on the to do list!!

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    I'm hoping that your new dr will have a bit more insight into what is going on with you. So frustrating! Praying for you and Hubby to find time for each other to have some conversations. emoticon
    29 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Maybe if each of you choose a room to clean, you can get it done in short time...then, enjoy some fun activity? So sorry about your poor health; yes, it does sound like a change of doc’s is in order!
    29 days ago
    29 days ago
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