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Mindful tip #3: Practice Self-Love

Sunday, July 21, 2019

You can only count on yourself.

You are your own best friend.

You are the only constant in your life.

Ever heard of these sayings? I've heard them... and I think... corny. Hokey. *eye roll* I feel like these are things people tell themselves when they are lonely, or down on life, or depressed. But... in all honesty, they are pilars which your own personal journey rests, because they are all 100% true, especially when it comes to weight loss. Let's explore each, shall we?

emoticon You can only count on yourself. emoticon
Friends are a great concept. You have these people who care about you, want to be in your life, take an interest in you... make you feel important. When friends show up, they're wonderful. When friends are there for you in your times of ups and downs, they're reliable. When friends give as much as they take, they're helpful.

But what about when they don't? When you rely on someone as your sole motivation, your only go-to, your rock... what happens when they don't come through? What happens when you start to realize your "friends" are only showing up because they feel obligated? Or that they're only "half-listening" to you? Or they're taking waaaay more than they're giving?

On this weight loss journey, you can only count on yourself to eat well, move, and feel good. Although friends make all of these things better, you simply cannot rely on them to support your eating habits 100% of the time, or be a workout buddy, or listen to you lament about how you didn't have a loss for the week.

You have to rely on yourself for these things. You will meal prep and follow it, no matter what, because you are counting on YOU. You will workout, no matter what, because you are counting on YOU. You will release your frustrations through a healthy outlet, no matter what, because you are counting on YOU.

Count on yourself 100% of the time. This is self-love.

emoticon You are your own best friend. emoticon

You are you. You know yourself the best. You are stuck with you forever. Enjoy you! Be your own friend. You don't need others to lift you up, lift yourself up.

So many people think they cannot do things "by themselves". You can. This is self-love.

emoticonYou are the only constant in your life. emoticon
Be kind to yourself. (And remember, being kind is not eating a brownie). Self-care is important. Looking good on the outside makes you feel better on the inside. Don't be so hard on yourself when you don't meet your goals... learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Love yourself. No matter what. When you care about you, it's easier to make good choices for yourself.
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