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Embracing Uncertainty - Day 28

Friday, July 19, 2019

The end of another loony (er... lunar) cycle of posts.

If nothing else, this series has proven to me that Uncertainty is ... well, ... ... 'normal'.

It is the very nature and fabric of life.

Fighting it is like fighting the weather. In fact, the weather makes an appropriate analogy or metaphor. If one had made plans and the weather isn't cooperative or conducive, what does one do? Either adjust one's plans or adjust one's expectations.

Of course, one may still weep and wail about how unfair, but one knows that is only 'venting one's spleen' as a means of grieving for shattered dreams, not a course of action to actually change the weather.

What defines or dominates your weather? Pain? Metabolic issue? Hormones? Attitude? Fatigue? Weakness? Confidence issues? Mental health? Addiction? Compulsion? Doubt? Fear? Despair?

What if you could construct your own custom umbrella (virtual or theoretical)? Could you go out in the weather and do Your thing anyway?

As soon as you have the thought 'that won't work' you will have a glimpse into your resistance. Why not? Why won't it work? For you? What do all these 'reasons' point to? What value, belief, or secret fear? Then ask 'and, what else?'

I'm OOT (out of town) next week, may or may not have any access to check in. If we meet on a trail in the woods you'll know me by my Spark socks! Give me a shout and we can swap Spark successes. Make today a testament to Uncertainty (it's normal): the unknowing of what's next; therein lies the excitement and the opportunity to make the most of Sparkling!

Peace and Care

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