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A Letter to Myself

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hi there cutie, yes you! So here are some things I want you to know, and not just know but believe them 100% deep down to your soul....

You are enough, like more than enough and you always have been. Never a day in your life have you ever not been enough.

You are a valuable and worthy human being. It does not matter who sees this or who does not. Their opinion, their words, actions does not change this in any way. You are ALWAYS valuable and worthy.

You DESERVE all that your heart desires. It can and WILL be yours!! You have always deserved it, but maybe for the first time you understand this. You are no less than anyone and deserve all the things you want and need.

You never deserved to be treated badly, poorly, like you were bad or different or not good enough. YOU NEVER DESERVED THAT... EVER! That was them, not a reflection of you. Wish them blessings, good things and that they never have anyone treat them that way. No one deserves that.

YOU ARE ENOUGH my DEAR, you have always been enough... always!!!

You are an amazing person, with so many wonderful qualities. You are imperfect, but simply because you are human and that is OK. You are kind, funny, thoughtful, diligent, helpful, loving, loyal, genuine, compassionate, funny... thought that bared repeating. You are a kind soul with a good and gentle heart, you desire to hurt no one or no thing. You are a treasure to this world. NEVER FORGET THIS... YOU MATTER!!! Every day YOU matter.

Rejection has been your friend, trust God and the universe that any time you have been rejected it was for your own good. For each man who did not see how good you are, how wonderful it could have been, remember it was nothing more than simply not meant to be. They were not for you and you not for them, and that is OK. Have an attitude of gratitude for that!

There is a man for you, he is already YOURS... he is looking for you as I speak. HE WILL FIND YOU!!! You are going to have a man who will love you the way you need and want to be loved. You will have the relationship you think about, dream about, long for. You will have the life together you have only hoped for up to now. YOU WILL HAVE IT ALL!!! God does not put desires that strongly in our hearts if he does not intend to deliver. It will be a love story better than you can have ever imagined. He will be your love, be your best friend and he will see the amazing woman he has in YOU. He will be so lucky to receive all the love you have to give. You my dear are truly an unfound treasure.

You are no less perfect in this time, on this day than you will ever be, no matter where you are at this exact moment. You are never going to be more and you are never going to be less, you are simply as you are meant to be in this moment, as you were created to be. You could never be better or worse because right now you are perfectly you, a living breathing soul. All you are and are not is irrelevant, all that matters is that you are abundantly WHOLE. Nothing is broken, there is nothing to fix. YOU ARE YOU...and that is a beautiful thing!

Never feel bad about what you can not do, what you struggle with, your fears, anxieties, what you can't bring to the table. You are NOT inadequate and NEVER let another make you feel that you are. You have too many fantastic qualities to offer this world, please never get stuck on what you can't do. You are you, uniquely, amazingly, wonderfully, and adorably YOU!

YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are worth someone's time, effort, energy, you are just worth it. The RIGHT people will always see this.



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