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Day 199: Thinking About Gifts

Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return." (Katharine Hepburn)

Hello, my lovely friends!!!

We are flirting with the temperature hitting 100 today and tomorrow. Oh Boy! Since we’re going to hit the hottest day or the year so far this week let’s talk about Christmas in July stuff again. Think nice cool snow and winter thoughts, people. The last thing people want to start thinking about is Christmas while its 100 outside, but I’m telling you those holidays are going to be here sooner than you think. We’re always talking about how fast each month goes by. I mean didn’t I just post July goals and now we’re near the end of the month?

Let’s talk Christmas gifts. This is probably the #1 reason people get stressed over the holidays. Many people think they must give a gift to everyone, but you don’t. Also, don’t go broke trying to give gifts either. My Mom would shop all year long for gifts when we were little. She would find something on sale and get it. One year I got a Strawberry Shortcake doll and she bought it the day after Christmas. A year later, it still smelled like strawberries. My Mom would hide the gifts, sometimes too well and she would forget where she put it. Sometimes we would get a presents a month later when she found it.

There are some rules I follow when it comes to gift giving.

1. Write a list of the people you would like to give a gift to ~ there are times when we feel like giving everyone at work a gift. Suggest drawing names or make some baked goodies to share with the office in place of gift. The same thing goes for family we would draw names, but the past few years we’ve done the Pink Elephant gift giving instead. However, if you want to give something special to a certain co-worker, friend or family member do that.

2. Put an amount down of how much you are going to spend on the holidays ~ there is no reason to go broke or max out a credit card for Christmas. Start putting aside a little bit each week now for your Christmas gifts. This way you won’t overspend because you’ve been saving ten to twenty dollars a week. Maybe you buy a coffee daily and tell yourself two times a week the money you would have spent on coffee is going into your Christmas fund.

3. Pay attention to what your friends and family talk about ~ there’s nothing worse than getting a gift that makes no sense. When I graduate from college a great aunt and uncle got me a gold pen holder. There’s nothing wrong with that except it was a golf club and ball and I don’t play golf or like golf. To this day I think they re-gifted the gift. Pay attention to what people talk about. The other day my Mom talked about a picture of her and my Dad with Santa at the North Pole here and how much she loved that picture. I’m going to find that picture, blow it up and frame it for her and give it to her for Christmas.

4. Gift card and good, but a thoughtful gift is better ~ I love gift cards because I can pick out something I want, but I also tend to hold onto them forever because I can’t make up my mind. Some of the best gifts I got simple and thoughtful. One year my cousin’s son gave me a makeup mirror about fifteen years ago and at first, I was like okay, but I still use that mirror every time I do my makeup. He was little and knew I wore makeup and thought I need a mirror for that. One of my besties gave me a gift basket that had pasta, cutting board, cookbook and things for the kitchen because I love cooking. Or better yet give me a box or fresh baked goods and I’m happy.

5. Go simple ~ if you don’t have much money for gifts go simple. I suggest finding a brownie or cookie recipe and make a bunch of those. Get yourself a nice box or bag from the Dollar Tree to put those goodies in and there you go. Maybe find a family recipe that everyone loves and it will bring happy memories.

Remember it’s not about getting everything you want or giving everything to everyone. It’s about being with your loved ones. Give gifts that mean something to that person and make it simple.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great tips! Thanks for posting Paula and stay cool!
    95 days ago
    You've got some great tips!!! emoticon
    95 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great tips!
    Our family is spread all over the world and mailing gifts was getting really expensive. Once the kids were grown we all agreed to no longer exchange gifts. We saved up for a plane ticket instead!
    95 days ago
  • LINDA!
    emoticon Great tips.
    96 days ago
    I always make a list...……...of folks I need to get a special card for(did I mention I LOVE greeting
    cards????????)……….then I make a list of people I need to buy a gift for, which has shrunk over
    the years....….my sis in law and I just exchange cards now, my suggestion...I used to be the one who'
    could not afford much for gifts, single mother, now she cannot afford much, and we talk on the phone
    4 or 5 times a week, so we decided love was more important...…….
    My son and dau.in.law are still living here, but this year Daniel and his family are in Israel so I'll just
    send money……
    Bingo...…..aside from David, my shopping is done. Soon as the cards come out I pick thru for just
    the right special one.

    96 days ago
    What is a pink elephant? I have heard of white elephants - probably the same thing.

    I try to be organized but I find if I shop too early I just buy more stuff as I keep thinking of good things to get.
    96 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    96 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I so agree, as gift giving has gotten way out of hand in most families. It's time we pay attention to what we are teaching our kids.

    You are so right, it's not the gift, but the time spent with family and friends. Those gifts can't be bought, and they last a lifetime.

    Good suggestions today.
    96 days ago
    great suggestions
    96 days ago
    Baked goods is my gift-of-choice for family and friends asn they enjoy my baking.
    96 days ago
    I've been thinking about winter myself with these very hot temps. Good ideas for getting the plans down for Christmas.
    96 days ago
    I was raised with little money in the home. We had all we needed and Christmas was a special time at out home. Getting the tree, decorating it as a family sitting by it with hot chocolate. Having lots of family and friends into the house. Our grifts were limited in material things, but family, friends and love was all around us.
    96 days ago
    I don't have to buy any Christmas gifts any more and I like it. LOL.
    96 days ago
    great suggestions. i know people that dont celebrate Christmas till epiphany...the 6th of January, or 12th day of Christmas. Why? because they go to the stores on boxing day (the 26th) and shop all the sales, THEN celebrate. They have Christmas dinner on Christmas day, then have their big celebration with another dinner on the 6th. they save a TON of money, they can enjoy the holiday without all the gift giving drama on Christmas morning.
    It wouldnt be for me, but i get it.
    and i had to laugh at the strawberry shortcake story. in 1987 i was due for my 3rd baby. so i shopped early, as he was going to be born december 4th. (planned c section). i had everything wrapped. hidden. we had a really small house. so it was hard to find places to hide things.
    Christmas morning comes..and my daughter was so pleased with everything, as was my older son. She said well Santa forgot one thing. i said what was that? (my kids never had more than 5 things on their lists, mostly small things, so they usually got everything on the list). well he didnt bring me Chocolatty.
    i'm thinking..oh yeah he did...we went through all the wrappings. i went to my hiding places. no choco lattie.
    i opened the tiny closet in the dining room. and theres a bag FULL of wrapped gifts. full!! I remember Katie laughing and saying santa was silly...he wanted them to go on a treasure hunt!!!
    we still chuckle about that one!!
    96 days ago
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