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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling well, really off. After having a couple of really strong days of working out the best way to describe it was I felt weak, which is weird and not something I normally experience. I took a photo of myself to show my daughter my new hair cut and that's when I saw. This really creepy old lady with the right side of her face sagging down was looking back at me. One, how the heck did I just age 30 years in 2 days and two, what is wrong with my face. I took another photo, partial smile on one side, sagging old lady on the other. I sent the photo to my husband and headed off to the hospital. Long story, few weird things later I had a mini stroke and got to spend the day in the hospital.

Could it have been prevented? Going over my diet and workout program with the doctor he said no, my lifestyle wouldn't have had an impact on it. All my tests came back healthy. There were no warning signs. Could my thyroid issue have caused this, absolutely. I see the surgeon next week and looking forward to having that dealt with for so many reasons.

They gave me some meds to calm me down, I warned them, I medicate REALLY well. A micro dose was given, that didn't stop me from being a babbling fool. Pretty sure the nurse got my entire life story. That and a history of all my favourite runs and then insisting she get the doctor to give me a thumbs up to run again today. I'm now having flashbacks of showing her endless photos of my twin granddaughters.

Today I'm feeling cautious. I'm excited that I've lost another 2 pounds so far this week and want to make more healthy changes to my life. While the doctor said as long as I felt back to normal there was no reason for me not to run today I think I'll switch to a walk, I go for a follow up tomorrow.
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