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Pain, Weight, Etc.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

There are many reasons I am overweight. Over eating is not one of them. I use the food log and I eat healthy. One reason is that I cannot exercise right now due to back pain. More on that later. Another reason is the medication I have to take. Beta blockers can cause weight gain. Another reason is my metabolism is not like other folks. Another reason is all the other health issues I am trying to correct (kidney disease, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, to name a few). Another reason is that I have gone through menopause.

Speaking of weight, have you ever noticed that well meaning people automatically assume by looking at you, that you are overweight because you overeat? I am sympathetic to the overweight for this reason. I know that some obese people WAY overeat, but some might have health issues... just sayin'.

Speaking of health, the kidney disease is not related to diabetes in my case. It is related to having congenital hypertension, since a young age. Over time, high blood pressure can cause your kidneys to diminish. Anyway, it should have been discovered long ago, I have a condition called hyperaldosteronism and had an adrenal gland removed in 2017. The offending gland had a tumor that was producing 500 times the amount of aldosterone you should have! Aldosterone is the hormone that regulates blood pressure. Adrenal glands produce 7 hormones! I won't get into it further, but will say I cannot get over stressed.

So about the pain. I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region (lower spine). I have gone along just fine for years with this. Now the bone has overgrown around it. However, a great thing is that the neurosurgeon I saw yesterday did not recommend surgery. Actually, he said it might make other parts of my spine worse, further up. He showed me on the MRI where I have inflammation further up my spine.

He referred me to a pain specialist. Everyone's a specialist, nowadays. Anyway, I go Aug. 5th. He said they might recommend steroid shot or ablation. I think I would like to try the shot to see how that works first. Ablation sounds … well, worse.

Did I mention that I cannot take pain medication? Only Tylenol, which does nothing, well, maybe a little if I take 4 at a time and only if I am in dire pain. I will also mention that I don't do this more than once a day, if at all.

I was also referred to a physical therapist for core strengthening. I need it, for sure. Can they do anything when you are in pain? I guess I will find out.

Maybe PT will spur me on and help me feel well enough to get back to my walking. I try to walk on good days, but there have not been that many in a couple of months. Maybe that will cause some weight loss.

Weight loss would be nice, but I am more concerned with my health conditions. I want to travel. You must feel good to travel. By the time dh retires, (the end of next year) I should be up to travelling. Fingers crossed.

I don't need pity. I am just blogging to "get it out". "A blog is me, me, me, all day long"... (Julie & Julia by Nora Ephron) I am working on it all, as best I can. I will be able to recover from some of it. Perhaps get of diabetes meds again, I did once! I hope I will be able to find vegan options on our travels.
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    Get it out there girl. You are doing all the positive things you can. Celebrate the successes!! Hormones are tough to deal with.if you can start to move more, it will help.
    76 days ago
    Blog away! What about Charlotte's Web? Legal, a bit pricey but it works on DH's back pain. I understand the shot is painful but when it subsides it works. And yes, you can PT with pain.
    91 days ago
    91 days ago
    Physical Therapy is a good way to go. Just speak up if something doesn't feel right, and do the exercises they give you for home. It may not be a cure but it might help strengthen and help some of the pain lessen.
    91 days ago
    You might want to check out Oxycise. I could summarize it to say that it is structured, deep breathing. It is good for core strengthening. There are DVD's for sale, but for a fee (currently $12.95 per month) you would have access to all the work-outs. You could just enroll for a month check them all out that way to decide if ti something you can do. The workouts do vary a lot, but all include the deep breathing. Just so you know, I am not trying to sell anything or get a percentage or anything. I am just suggesting it because people with health challenges seem to be able to get an aerobic workout with this.
    91 days ago
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