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Why I don't track

Thursday, July 18, 2019

For the 5% Challenge, one of this week's Living the Good Life challenges has been to track your food. Normally, I like to follow all the challenges, and enjoy being able to track that I accomplished that each day.

Not for this one, however.

Even though I've started weight loss attempts many times with tracking, this time I felt the need for a change. I'm not saying I won't start tracking my food eventually, but for right now, it would be a bad idea, with the potential to derail my efforts. I tend to be an all-or-nothing perfectionist. If I'm not meticulously measuring, weighing, and then logging my food, I feel like I failed. That is not a good way to start a weight loss journey. Eventually, with enough failing, I would just give up and start eating All the Things and to heck with my weight loss efforts. I don't want to get there again. This is also why I weigh myself every day instead of once a week -- I want to see the daily fluctuations and not be elated or crushed by what I expect the scale to record once a week.

Maybe a few weeks more (or a few months more), and I'll be at a place where I can track without the perfectionism. That is my biggest struggle right now - trying to stop being such a perfectionist, in all areas of my life, but especially when it comes to the weight loss journey. I want to succeed, and I'll get there on my terms. For now, I'm enjoying making new recipes that follow my new gluten- and dairy-free doctor-mandated diet, and getting in some movement each day. Eventually I'll get to tracking and amping up the exercise. Until then, I will move slowly and steadily, because therein lies the secret to my success.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I also do the same and you just have to do what is in your best interest. The challenges are just guidelines that help motivate you in certain areas mot a must do. Tracking just isn't my style but sometimes I participate and use my own type of tracking. Whatever works for you is best!
    28 days ago
    You know yourself best, so if this is working for you, don't feel like you have to track. It's simply a tool that SP offers for us to use. Hope this summer 5% challenge is going well for you!
    30 days ago
    Keep on doing what works for you! I hadn't tracked for years until this challenge and I have been surprised that what I have been normally eating is all within the range of what SP has suggested. Will I continue after the challenge? Likely not now that I have reassured myself.
    30 days ago
    You have to do what’s best for know you best! I am a perfectionist also, so I understand exactly what you’re saying. Following doctor’s orders is well & keep pushing forward!
    30 days ago
    You're doing great! Keep doing what works for you!
    30 days ago
    You know what will and won't work for you. It's not a one size fits all thing. Following your doctor's advice is always wise. I believe you will get there on your own terms. You've got this.
    31 days ago
    I get that all or nothing attitude. It keeps me from getting a lot of things accomplished.
    31 days ago
    Each of us has to find what works best, you're doing that.
    31 days ago
    I've done the no tracking thing before and tbh it hasn't worked for me long term. I believe that all of our journeys to health are 80% mental and require that we do the hard work to look in the mirror, some of which I've done. And some of which I haven't, so I completely get the all or nothing mindset.

    I think that following your Dr's plan is a good one for now. But I think that you should be prepared to move off of it to a new one if you find that it's not doing what you expect it to. And it seems like you are prepared to do that. Like you said, slow and steady. . .

    And congrats on the loss this week!
    31 days ago
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