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Mid-July Check-In with TheBrains

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Yup. that about sums up the weather here this week. Several days in a row of 100+ temps.

But heck - who cares about my weather. I know y'all want studio news. And weight management news, right? and maybe something from TheBrains.

emoticon Fuh geddaboud it. (gasp) Dying here (pant)

emoticon Yes. it really is hot. today's temperatures are - oh - well - Now the weather dot com guys are telling me it will only reach 100 on Saturday. goodness, those people change their minds every faster than a squirrel caught in the middle of the road.

emoticon Water. I need water

emoticon Yes well, everybody needs water, especially on these hot summer days but I don't know why you're complaining. You're in an air conditioned house. I think what you need is a project

emoticon But it's going to be 100 degrees!

emoticon Actually it's been scaled back to 93 degrees and I think you're letting your imagination run away with you. How about sending it into the studio?

emoticon I can't. the painter is in there, patching that cut out in the sheetrock. And how's THAT for a segue into Stuido News? (giggle)

emoticon That's right. The painter is patching the 6 foot slice the HVAC guys left in the sheetrock as I type this. He'll be back tomorrow to sand and mud and again on Monday to finish that up. The HVAC company promises me they're hanging the split mini air handler next week and the painter assures me he can paint around the unit. By the end of next week the studio might be done!

I have to say "might" because I may still finish the floor. It's thick pine boards we had planed and tongue&grooved. It's exactly like the floor on the second floor of our house. These boards have aged beautifully with zero finish on them. They've never been sanded, stained or sealed. And they are so pretty. I"m so tempted to do nothing to the studio floors. There is a chance that I'll spill things on it on the painting side - but I might not - and after all - this IS a studio - not a living room. It would save me time AND $$$ and at the rate dollars have been flying out of the house, that's a real temptation. But I can decide at the end of next week.

emoticon You mean I will decide because I will be too impatient to move in. Just like moving into this house. That's the reason the upstairs floors were never finished. I just got a friend to help me move furniture into the bedrooms and voila! unfinished floors.

emoticon It's true - we just got lucky that pine ages so prettily

emoticon Heh heh heh

emoticon Well, miss smartypants RightBrain - you just go ahead and choose.

emoticon Yippee!

emoticon Anyway - the Saga of the Studio Quest is nearing it's destination. I promise there will be LOADS of photos to share in just a few more weeks. So - how is the weight management going?

emoticon mumble mumble

emoticon I can't HEAR you

emoticon ahem. Well. We have not been as successful as we'd have liked

emoticon who knew we were going to be so anxious about DH and his iffy health? I sure didn't.

emoticon No. me neither

emoticon Me neither. In fact ...

emoticon right. not till the doc gave him the all clear did I feel the pressure lift

emoticon Yeah - Monday's report was an enormous relief. So .. now - no excuses, right? We're gonna tackle these pesky pounds and slack muscles, right?

emoticon well - we have already begun. We're doing good hard cardio 6 days a week.

emoticon And at least we ate within our points yesterday

emoticon Proud of you both - but what about that gift chocolate Monica gave us? Why don't we give it to the library staff? They're all slender and most of them are young enough to enjoy it.

emoticon Nooooo

emoticon It's in the freezer

emoticon That's never stopped us before.

emoticon That's true - in fact - we actually prefer frozen chocolate chip cookies

emoticon that's what I was thinking.

emoticon No fair! Two Brains against One!

emoticon LOL - but honey - you know how uncomfortable you feel in all our tight shorts. You hate that feeling.

emoticon And the longer we put it off, the harder it's going to be to get back into them

emoticon And we can always buy more imported chocolate. There's that really fancy schmancy candy store in Carytown. We can go there. If we really really REALLY need imported chocolate

emoticon no fair.

emoticon emoticon (silent stares)

emoticon Oh All Right.

emoticon Besides - we want to buy pretty new underwear and we can buy lots of it if we don't have to be prepared to buy two different sizes. The only reason the smaller size fits now is that it's all stretched out. C'mon - you know you'll enjoy shopping for new duds.

emoticon yes. I will. And honestly - I don't want to even own bigger sizes. I like what's tight right now - when it isn't tight.

emoticon Okay - then - the candy goes, right?

emoticon yup. Take it today.

emoticon So we're all good with this? More cardio, eating within our points and no frozen imported chocolates?

emoticon Yes. I think that's a good start

emoticon yes. I'm on board.

emoticon Okay - then - that about wraps up the mid-month report. Let's go out and own this day!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had somehow become unsubscribed to your blog posts again...argh. It's amazing how much happens in a short time if you're out of touch, as I have been. But I'm glad your concerns about DH are easing and that your studio is almost DONE!

    Happiness here is that our carpenter checked out! Everything that's left to do in our house now is ours to more waiting on anyone else (or blaming anyone else if it isn't getting I have been concentrating on the garden and Rick has been laying tiles to expand the patio and create a path that will lead to the beautiful arbor my dad designed and made for us, which we brought from our other house. Inside, we have some painting to do, and then hanging things on the walls. I find I haven't got much the surfaces (coffee tables, piano) are quite empty. We really did get rid of a lot when we moved. But it's a good feeling. This way we can add things that we really love and that are meaningful to us. And of course, I've got plenty of books!!!

    I'm going to read all the blogs that I missed and I do want you to know that I think of you often...even when I am AWOL from Spark!
    79 days ago
    You have a lot going on in your life stay quiet some times to decompress. Glad the DH is doing well
    87 days ago
    Hi there! Just catching up on several blogs! Your new studio sounds enchanting! I agree with others about the uniqueness of the paint splattered unfinished floor. You can always cover it up later if you don’t like it. Health issues can be scary stuff. Sounds like DH got good news. Glad to hear.

    So a fresh start on the summer goals. We need something refreshing in the heat of summer. I’m still working out some kinks. Got down a few pounds to start off the new year but a few have creeped up. Like you, top of goal range but more comfortable without those few pounds. Grab the reins! As for the chocolates, I think I would incorporate them a couple days a week in moderation. Having them there and having to constantly tell myself I can’t have them would just send me binging on them all in one sitting. I’m trying so hard right now to find that kind of balance. So do as I say not as I always do, lol. Find what works for you!

    Life is good! So let’s go live it!
    Spark on, Bess!
    87 days ago
    Ummmm, your weather is a carbon copy of ours...most of the country is being blasted by the heat. Misery doesn’t like company in this situation, ha! Hot, hot, HOT!

    It’s always good to hear from the brains, first giggles today are yours. Huge YaYs for your DH’s health news. Can’t do better than that. Annnnnnnd the studio is so close to completion. More YaYs! The floors, such an interesting dilemma. I’m the unfinished kinda girl, the drips and drops just help tell the story of the studio and its creators. Only matters what you think...all things being equal, I’d go with budget friendly.

    Here’s to summer time fun and cooling breezes...

    88 days ago
    A dyer friend loved her unfinished basement - it had a dirt floor so it did not matter when she spilled dye water. Perhaps that can be your floor - a few drops of pain here and there. Makes it your own.
    89 days ago
    I am glad your studio us nearing completion emoticon Take care of yourself and your DH too! !
    89 days ago
    What a fun report.

    I like the drop cloth idea -- which can become (in due course) it's own work of art? Either in one big chunk or chopped up into smaller especially fetching bits??

    Now don't wait to get SOME pretty new undies, mmmmKay? So uplifting!!

    89 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    What came to my mind when reading about the studio floor -- drop cloth. When painting not in progress it could be easily folded/rolled up and put aside.

    Love my central AC. Last year the entire unit finally bit the dust after 25+ years and for the few days it took to get new unit orders & installed, we purchased a portable AC/heater unit that takes care of one large room and it's being stored in the garage just in case we, or extended family, needs it.
    89 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    Sounding good. And your DH’s health too.
    89 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I can just imagine how beautiful those floors look. So, even if you do spill on them the floor could be sanded at some time later if you wanted. Oh, I can just imagine the fun you are going to have in the studio.

    Lots of good things happening in your home now. Great news about your hubby’s health, the studio almost complete, your website launched. The topping on the are getting into your skinnier wardrobe!
    Way to go my friend!
    89 days ago
    I’ve never heard such an accurate description of the weather! TRUTH!!!

    Hmmmm . . . . I am not a painter, but have hard wood in my home. Had to paint the walls. Can you use tarps to protect the floor while painting? That’s what we did and it worked well.

    Sooooooo so glad to hear DH got the all clear. PHEW.

    Gooooooood choice to give the chocolate away. Wise advice!!!

    HUGS and hope the studio is finished soon!

    89 days ago
    Dancing on the floorboards cover hell
    89 days ago
    Love the idea of leaving the floors. So what if you spill on it? It will add a certain legitimacy to your studio. Plus, you could do them later if you decide you want to.
    I'm struggling to get back on track myself. Went to community fitness center and walked on treadmill. TOO HOT to do anything outside. Hoping to eventually see some results!
    89 days ago
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