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Writing rather than ordering delivery

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I need to write. Because if I don’t, I’ll order food delivery. I am not kidding, I might be rambling, but its better this than ordering food. I am not a therapist, but there is no denying that I feel low right now. I am upset, and tired, and don’t feel too well about not being able to stop myself ordering food delivery. What is wrong with me? Seriously? I have been on track for only a few days, and I want to blow it? Actually, no, I don’t want to blow it, but... well, I don’t know. Hanging by a thread here. Instead of ordering food online (it should be illegal to order food that easily), I came to spark to try to see if I could ‘not’ do it. So, I’m rambling and writing, so I don’t order food delivery.
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    Hi, I get it.
    I was 375 when I divorced and when he remarried I went on a crash diet and lost 140 lbs in 10 mos but it was out of anger more than nutrition.
    Then I got hit by a car so couldn't walk to lose weight or burn calories so gradually went back up to 321 in March of this year. He is dead over 10 yrs and 'she' is dead 2 yrs but I am alive , in limbo, crippled and alone in my house away from relatives and friends alone these passed 8 years awaiting a hip replacement that requires I lose another 100 lbs so I live in chronic pain as well.
    I've done some online work but now am retired and cant exercise so food has become my best friend and worst enemy over the passed 8 years. Instead of cooking I'd eat a bag of chips, [potato or chocolate] and that became more my menu than not, I also began drinking a 2 liter bottle of diet soda daily, instead of water, another no no.

    My son would call and ask what to bring home and the choice usually was what flavor potato chips for the next day or a pizza or Chinese food etc.

    When I would cook it was as if I still had 5 kids home on a budget so a lot of pastas...
    I'd bake but for every bag of chocolate chips used, I had another stashed to pinch at til gone.

    Then I 'tried' to eat healthier by ordering Tostino personal size pizzas, oodles of noodles adding frozen veggies or meats, French fries that I deep fried over as well as other fried foods or ones I'd batter and fry at least 3-4 times a week. I also got TV dinners for a quick microwaved 'balance' meal.

    Having multiple medical issues my life had been getting worse instead of better.
    Chronic things like cellulitis and congestive heart failure were winning the battle.

    Reaching 65 also let me know I was losing my battle against time and there is little hope of ever returning to the work force.
    It was getting scarey as I turned 65 when I weighed in after winter munching at 321 lbs - over the 300 lb mark that I swore I would never let happen again --.

    I decided to make a few menu changes but still battled with the quick ordered foods that are so readily available !

    I cut down and used will power, a method that always fails eventually for me. I did lose 15 lbs by the end of June however, so about a pound a week or 5 lbs a month. Nothing big nor seemed worth the effort or deprivation so it was easy to go off diet more and more and get a few bags of chips a week instead of every day.

    I began soul searching about what is it with my diet that draws me to junk and knew I couldn't keep approaching it as a deprivation but needed a substitute instead and if the substitute became more enjoyable than what I was used to that maybe it wouldn't be a deprivation but a menu change.

    Often I don't want a meal but a quick bite. That could be chips,. a peanut butter sandwich, a bowl of cereal or even a cup of soup but all had one commonality - carbs!
    I reasoned I am on a fixed income and cant afford a high priced diet so I would some days eat oodles of noodles with a few tablespoons of frozen mixed veggies and sometimes a little precooked meat BUT then one day read the label and saw how bad those oodles of noodles were for me !

    So I bought my own noodles but continued using pastas with veggies and meats and didn't gain but didn't lose either.I cut out the frozen pizza and French fries and had my son pick up frozen broccoli, cauliflower and spinach and just added them to meals the first week, as well as lettuce and lean ground beef and boneless chicken as well as a 5 lbs block of American Cheese slices and butter.

    Since then I have been mix matching them and losing weight. 28 lbs in 33 days so far. I broke the 300 lb mark going from 303 to 290 in one week!
    Seems the more veggies and high protein meats eggs and cheese
    I eat the less I crave anything from the outside or quick order.

    I let the bread run out and didn't reorder. I let the tortillas run out and wrap with lettuce and keeping boiled chicken breast I a container to mix with salads or cheese reheats as well as some cold cuts available for quick bites has reduced the urge to order out.

    I listen to my body and its cravings but I substitute with fat burning foods when I give in to the urges and that has been helping me to keep losing.

    This month I am looking up more lo cal lo carb veggies to add into the menu and variety but even with things like wanting a taco - I just took some shredded boiled chicken with some taco seasoning b utter cheese and nuked it. Then slightly cooled it and cut it up again as the cheese was holding it together.I cut chunks of lettuce instead of strips and mixed it all up and the crunch of the lettuce compensated for no taco shells and the rest just tasted like real tacos or taco salad and I didn't even miss the shells.

    Other meals like broccoli and hamburger with a little soy sauce and onion kind of satisfies the urge for Chinese food so its possible to have some ready made ingredients in your fridge to use as substitutes for those delivery foods and still be able to lose weight without giving up on eating,

    Now when I feel like ordering out I just try to find an acceptable equivalent from my kitchen.


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