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Getting to know a ***** Bear !!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I live on the side of the leading edge of the Front Range. Out the front windows we have a view of the plains. Out the back, the view is of a steep ascent of grass and firs. An unmaintained (and probably no longer on the map, but still legal right-of-way) actual hiking trail crosses the rear of our property.

I am getting to know this BEAR! It's a beautiful long-haired BLONDE black juvenile bear and it's come by THREE times today! The first time I saw it, it was on the 5-6 ft high stone wall that separates the patio from "the wilds" -- JUST 15 FEET AWAY FROM ME where I sit at the computer! And it was looking for a way to come down onto the patio! I looked straight at the bear and ROARED for DD to come (scared her half to death) and then added at top volume for her to bring her phone (even in the middle of it all, that STILL sounds like a stupid thing to say!) while I scrambled for my cast-iron skillet and a steel lid. Then I ran yelling for the patio door and the bear turned and ran and I ran out yelling and banging..... But the bear didn't run far and I had to keep roaring and banging from the patio until it decided to move out-of-sight.

I wish I knew what was attracting it! No, I have no hummingbird feeders. I do have a compost heap that gets my kitchen waste -- but that kitchen waste sits for about 3 weeks putrifying in a small container on my kitchen counter before it gets thrown onto the heap. And what is on my patio is just potted plants.

Half an hour later, I spied it heading back! I again notified DD and we went onto the patio and yelled at it and it retreated but this time, it stopped about 50 yards away and just stopped and watched us. DD got DH's slingshot and tried to hit it (unsuccessfully) and I told her to keep an eye on it while I fetched a neighbor.

I told our neighbor that this bear was back AGAIN in 30 minutes and that was why his dog was barking and that I desired him to come and help me scare the bear (3 people is scarier than 2?). He came and I armed him with his own pot and lid; DD had the slingshot and a broom; and I carried a metal patio chair and also a lid that I could bang against the chair. And we set up the mountain toward the bear yelling and banging. It ran and stopped. We continued after it. It ran and stopped. And we continued after it some more... (repeat 2 twice more). It finally decided to keep running.

About an hour later, DH returned home from golf. And a half hour after that, I ran downstairs to tell him that I'd chased a bear away twice today and it was back AGAIN and I needed his help intimidating it. Rather than grab anything truly useful, he grabbed his phone and simply went outside to film it while yelling "hey!' at it a couple times. Honestly, I thought he could figure out on his own that "hey!" wasn't scary to a bear that was coming back for a third attempt! I fetched my trusty pot and lid AGAIN and stepped out and warned MM but he wasn't paying any attention and I banged and the bear ran and DH yelled at ME! Lord love a duck! emoticon I took the time to spell it out to DH that a bear coming back 3 times was a bear that was not afraid of humans -- and I was now VERY concerned about its behavior and our ability to EFFECTIVELY scare it away. It has run from my yelling and banging steel lid to pot each time, but I'm increasingly uncomfortable. As you probably know, this bear is displaying far too much comfort coming this close to my home, not to mention coming here THREE times today! I don't know what to do to discourage it more effectively.

A little later, I saw DH go outside with his pellet gun to practice his aim. Pellet gun's not gonna injure a bear, but maybe it'll hurt if DH manages to hit it! Certainly it is another tool to use to try to scare the bear away from human houses! I'm not personally afraid, but I am concerned that it might try to break into the house. My pet Ginger's cage is right by the patio door... I'm just going to have to put her in her traveling cage and carry her upstairs for the night so that *I* can sleep!

I didn't grow up with bears; I'm open to advice....!
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    Today, it came back! Right up close! Of course DD grabbed the bellet gun and I grabbed my trusty pan and lid...
    As soon as the bear heard the click of the door lock it took off running! Of course we ran outside anyway and made a ruckus of noise just to drive home the lesson -- WE ARE WATCHNG! WE ARE PROTECTING OUR HOME! YOU ((bear) ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!
    240 days ago
    Hmmm I live in Kansas.... I'll have to learn from you and your friends, because I have never seen a bear in my backyard. Hope I never do!!

    Maybe your bear can smell the compost purifying in your kitchen during the three weeks before it gets buried in the compost heap??? (were you looking in MY kitchen? I have two buckets that still need to go outside!). I don't know. Some of those animals are far more sensitive to "food" more so than we are. Just a thought. I guess I'd need to google "how to scare the boogy-bear away!"
    259 days ago
    265 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12282919
    You should be calling the local wildlife office. They should send someone out to investigate. If that bear isn't going to go away on its own, even with you yelling and banging.
    You need professional help.
    Please be etremely careful.
    265 days ago
    ... but don't you have to get CLOSE to a bear for bear spray to be effective? Like, in its FACE? And I'd like to try to scare it away before calling the authorities -- which is the first step in a death sentence for it. It hasn't displayed any agression, just an unnerving lack of fear in being close to humans.
    265 days ago
  • SPICY23
    Could try bear spray if you are determined, better to call local wildlife organization to report the behavior and see if they will relocate it.

    Peace and Care
    265 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    265 days ago
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