why the process is more important than the goal

Monday, July 15, 2019

If I had a nickel for every time I thought in my head that I just wish I could be good at muscle ups, deadlift 300# and have a six pack and a perky booty….

I’ve been at it for six years now, but I’m still only snatching 125 at BEST, my squats and deadlifts have actually decreased in weight and a I can’t link bar muscle ups. When I see my girlfriends hitting PR’s of course I am so happy for them, but part of me cries a little inside because maybe they just did something I can’t do yet.

When my clients get upset because they haven’t lost the 20 pounds they’ve been working on, I remind them it’s only been a month, they aren’t supposed to lose that much weight that quickly. I tell them to enjoy the journey, to set small goals along the way and find pleasure in hitting those.

For example I may cheer my client on when she can pull her own body weight up, or takes 3 minutes off her 5k time. I remind my clients that yes, the overall goal may be to lose 20 pounds or 2 pant sizes, but that these small goals will help them to get there.

Of course it’s natural to get caught up in your own head and forget to enjoy the process. And of course, it is natural to get jealous when you see others accomplishing goals YOU want to accomplish. You ask yourself, why can’t I do that?

When you have those thoughts it’s important to take a moment to pause and recognize this is just your ego and remember the idea of ABUNDANCE.

Just because your friend can do a muscle up should never get you down.. That certainly doesn’t stop you from being able to do one. Or just because you see a transformation where a girl went from a post-baby belly to six pack in 12 weeks doesn’t mean you can’t get a six pack too. The universe doesn’t say that only one person gets to reach these goals – the universe makes it possible for every single person to reach these goals if you believe it to be possible.

I have to remind myself on a regular basis that I am not allowed to be GREAT at CrossFit, look EXACTLY how I want to look and have everything be 100% perfect all the time because that would be boring. It’s a good thing to want more – that’s what makes you go from good to great! It’s what drives, motivates and pushes you to work harder and keep going. Same for those of you who want to lose body fat – if you didn’t want it so bad you could taste it, then you wouldn’t hit the gym for your daily workouts or follow your clean eating meal plan.

If you lost 20 pounds in the first two weeks of starting your program, you’d take it for granted and would probably put it back on just as quickly as you took it off. It has to be a slow process so you can fully appreciate it, and when you get to where you once wanted to be, you find confidence and pride in yourself because you worked your ass off!

So remind yourself, just like I do, that you aren’t allowed to go from good to great too quickly – it wouldn’t mean anything if you did. You have to work for it – blood, sweat and tears must be involved. You need to fall off the horse and get back on. Every time you do you will come back stronger and it will make you a better athlete and person.

What goal do you want to reach but struggle to find enjoyment in?
How do you remind yourself to enjoy the journey?
Leave me a comment below!

Your Coach,


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  • SPICY23
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    Peace and Care
    659 days ago
    It is definitely something that so many of us forget. Being better then we were yesterday, it's more important then instant results. I have been struggling for 5 years to get the weight off. But, I have learned to reveal in having a stronger body.
    660 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder!
    660 days ago
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