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Inspiration from old blogs

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Do you ever think about the old blogs written by Sparkers? Many of the blogs are timeless and so inspiring. It's too bad they disappear into a black hole and no one reads them again. There is such a wealth of knowledge in those blogs.

This month I've re-read all the Spark blogs I wrote from 2008 and have started on 2009, reading every comment posted by other bloggers. One of the saddest things is how many of those Sparkers are no longer here. They were my support group in those early days, my friends, my companions on the journey. Are they absent because they have achieved success and moved on? Have they given up?
2008 was a year of many changes for me. My position at work was eliminated (after 30+ years). I was taking care of my widowed father. It was a brand new start, a time that had no habits yet associated with it. No bad habits to unlearn. Start as you mean to go on. I commited to living healthy. It was one of my most successful periods. After reading the blogs again, I was so pumped!

Under Community Home, there are "Featured profile pages of SparkPeople members." Some of the people have not blogged in forever. The doesn't mean they are not active because some people just don't blog much, if at all. I enjoy reading the old blogs. (I was here 2 years before I wrote my first blog. Back then they flagged it as a "First blog," making it a big deal. Kind of scary to me then. *smiling now. I think the purpose was so that we could all lend support, encouragement, and make the person feel welcome.)

Blogging is a personal choice. It can be about many things. Some Sparkers share a slice of their daily life. I enjoy sharing the day with them. Some share about their family, including furry friends. Some take us on visits to new places and holidays. Some share books they're reading, concerts and other functions they've attended. Some share their hopes and dreams. They include insights, struggles and successes, and healthful tips they've discovered. I enjoy the posted weekly menus and pictures of dishes they have prepared. It sparks ideas in me.

On a sidenote, Spark used to give us the option of making our Food Tracker public. Does anyone know what happened to that? It was interesting to follow the trackers of successful Sparkers or those following a similar eating plan. I miss that.

Here is something I found on an old blog I read this morning.
The gravitational pull between you and the earth is the number that shows on the scale. To see what you would weigh on other planets, check out this cool site:

If you are discouraged about the number on the scale, maybe it's time to move to a new planet!

Here is a picture I found in an old blog from Christmas 2008. Wow, have I changed! We never knew those days would be the good old days!

Yes, that's me in both pictures. Our little one was just learning to wink. She is 13 now.
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