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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Good morning..woke up yesterday to a glorious day, sun was shining, temperatures were lovely, #cko wasn't overly crowded and I killed it on the bag. Came home aet a great breakfast then got ready for a graduation party for our good friends' son, who is actually my older son's godson.

It was about an hour away at another friend's mcmansion...I'd never been before so I put the address in the gps and my younger son and I headed out. After highway to highway portion, we finally arrived on the long and winding roads...the gps says you've arrived in front of a house with long driveway. We pull in and I realize something is wrong. I'm the only car and an older bald gentleman in a speedo is looking at us rather confused...we quickly hightailed it out of there and my son reached out to my older son to double check the address it appears I missed the world "old" in the address.

We arrived at the party and of course I have to share my adventures to much laughter.
The set up was gorgeous and very roomy. Weve gone to celebrations at our friends house so the spacing was much different. I found myself moving throughout the day spending some time with different groups of people having some really great conversations.
Sat at a table with 2 girls who are friends of the wife, one I know from school and one I only know through these occasions.

When it was time to go as I was saying my goodbyes and the girl I met through our friends says, you didn't tell me about your wrong address adventure and Patti the host says, Teresa is shy and laughs and her girlfriend laughs too and says, to me, you're not shy. I love seeing you and always hope you remember me, you are always so kind and welcoming. I'm so glad we really got a chance to talk today.

Other than a hi, how are you, good to see you this is the first time we've ever really sat down and spent what I would call quality time together.. I was really shocked and truly touched by the words.

I'm sitting here this morning cup of coffee in hand gathering my thoughts, watching the deer frolic trying to decide what to do today since my plans have been postponed so that Susan could provide some love and support in an area she was desperately needed. My eyes are brimming with tears as I feel the power of human kindness so no matter how today plays out, it began with moments of joy and wonder.

Today's #julyphotochallenge2019 is "just because" so I urge you go spread some kindness, just because you can!

Have a blessed day!

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