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13th and 14th July

Sunday, July 14, 2019

I'm doing two days together, as I'm late doing 13th, and am working tonight, so will be late doing 14th!

13th was "Challenge negative thoughts. Find an alternative interpretation."

And the one that popped up for me yesterday was to do with weight loss! I've probably mentioned before that I work in a team where all the other women are overweight or obese. Yesterday I was working with a young male colleague who is a bean-pole, and an older female colleague who is very large. Around lunch-time, I asked him if he'd cover for me whilst I ate my lunch. I went to the kitchen and ate, standing up, my home-made salad box, and a protein bar, with a cup of tea. My female colleague came in , and I said "Have you had your lunch yet?" - she said she'd had a bit of it and was OK. When I finished, I asked my male colleague - "have you had your lunch?" and he said he'd eaten most of it already - he munches fruit a lot and kind of grazes his way through the day. This sparked a conversation about him being able to eat a lot and not get fat - and that he comes from a family of bean-poles! I also pointed out that most of what he eats is healthy stuff (not all, but a lot of it!). Another female colleague who had arrived at that point (who is also large, but not obese) said that she just has to look at chocolate and she blows up. I agreed, and said that I have a problem if I eat too many carby things I can put on 5lbs overnight. The other female colleague (who eats sandwiches and cakes and chocolate at work - I've never seen her eat fruit or salad) - said "I don't have scales in my house - my clothes fit; that's all I need to know."

That was a long story - but the way it relates to the task on the calendar is that I often feel it's a real struggle to maintain a healthy weight, and I wish I was either a bean-pole, or didn't care about being overweight............. and I suddenly had the thought "I am successfully managing to maintain a healthy weight"
I may never be as slim as I'd like to be....... but I AM a healthy weight! That's a terrific achievement actually!

I'm so grateful for having that thought pop into my head! It's going to stick with me. It's my choice - everyone else is eating they way they choose to, and I eat the way I choose to. I eat to maintain a healthy weight.

I'm my very own Spark Friend!


"Go for a walk to clear your head when you feel overwhelmed"

Yes, I'll do that. I walk a lot. Today I'm going to walk down to watch the raft race before I go to work at 4.30pm. But I'm not feeling overwhelmed today. But, yes, going for a walk is often my go-to solution. Here are some other suggestions for feeling better........


here's the link to the July calendar if you're interested in a closer look!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We all need to find what works for us and stick to it. You look healthy and sound happy, I’d say that you’ve found what works for you.
    92 days ago
    emoticon You look quite slim and fit to me. You’ve done a great job of it, I would say. !
    92 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/14/2019 8:51:31 PM
  • GORDON66
    You've been diligent. Good for you!


    92 days ago

    Thank you for sharing.

    92 days ago
    92 days ago
    Feeling healthy is the most important thing. I did NOT feel well @ all when I was obese and my body let me know it for sure. Maintaining is difficult, but feeling as wretched as I did when I was obese was MORE difficult.

    I am addicted to my early morning walks to clear my mind and added bonus points is I get my doggie fix, too, as I meet all the dogs walking their humans (when I had my Mr. Spot, we did this together!)

    92 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Yes being a healthy weight is good and I too am pleased to be that way (most of the time). emoticon

    I have had a lovely walk today too! Hope you enjoyed yours! Hugs emoticon
    92 days ago
    Yes, you are a success. You have learned the secret of maintaining your weight. Being out own Spark friend brings so much support and joy.
    Most of those things on the list (link in your blog) don't cost money. Smiling and doing good for someone can make their day. It's a great list.
    92 days ago
  • TZAPP22
    Healthy and fit outweigh skinny every time! Good for you!
    92 days ago
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