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Day 01 of My Best Effort

Sunday, July 14, 2019

So I'm getting back on track now as I start the week and even though today is supposed to be a rest day I worked out anyway since I missed a couple of days. I made out my meal plan this morning and am ready to do my best to make this a good week. I am going to make an effort to drink more water and actually remember to track it and since I haven't been doing all that well lately I decided to challenge myself to a whole new effort at weight loss. Fritzy and I have bought each other little prizes that we put in a box and we have tasks that we have to do that we earn either one or two stars for and when we collect 100 stars we get the prize. I bought him a small lego to put in the box and he bought me some pretty earrings. So that's more motivation to want to do healthy tasks. Here's my list of things that I am doing to earn stars:

Exercise: one star
drink 4 glasses of water: one star
drink 8 or more glasses of water: two stars
clean a room: one star
eat within calorie range: one star
eat within carb range: two stars
do yoga: one star
meditate: one star
walk for 10 or more minutes: one star
walk in below 20 degrees or above 80 degrees: two stars
100 stars: prize from box

Fitness has been going well overall. I'm exercising most days and I'm starting to improve my level of fitness. I am also able to stand longer and my ankles and neck are both doing better. The exercises are definitely helping. This morning I did my stretches and some low intensity chair exercises that had exercises for both my neck and my ankles. Tomorrow I'm going to do some core exercises to work on my core strength and figure. I owe a lot to doing core exercises it has kept me still looking pretty good for being almost 300 pounds. And it has allowed me to still be wearing the same size clothes as I was 50 pounds ago. Keeping up with fitness has done a lot for me. It has kept me from having to use a walker or ride around in one of those motorized chairs at Walmart like a lot of people my size have to.

I'm kind of starting fresh with nutrition. I'm doing my best to drink as much water as I can and less coffee and to stay on track with calories. I'm feeling motivated these days so I think I have a much better chance of staying on track and not overeating in the evenings.

Meditation practice is going well and I am increasing my meditation time during my sessions now. I am focusing better again and mindfulness is improving. Want to delve back into reading the dhamma to enhance my meditation practice, though.

Back to just vaping. Smoked some cigarettes when we had our bonfire and were drinking but back on track now. Overall I'm doing pretty well with quitting smoking and happy with how things are going.

Nothing much else new. Hope everyone had a great weekend and working hard on your goals. Keep Sparking! emoticon
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