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7/13 My LATTICE PROJECT & Photos (side house)

Saturday, July 13, 2019

emoticon TODAY'S GOAL FOR SATURDAY: 07/13/19
1. Install lattice fence on the SIDE of my house!
2. Do NOT skimp on the quality of work and say you will do it later, NO!
(because later never comes, you know that ... sooo do it Now!)
3. Gather everything needed, visualize what you want done and do it RIGHT the 1st time!!
4. Remember: to double twerk the wires when done!

emoticon PLAN OF ACTION:
Approximate Time to finish project today: 2.5 hours
Remember: you are 62 NOT 20... so PACE YOURSELF!
Gather tools including Tape Measure, safety equipment
Measure twice and mark
Install lattice fence Panels TO the wood measured and cut sticks for stability.
Measure existing metal fence twice again JUST to make sure
Install, secure and complete the first panel of walls today, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
(do the lower panels on a DIFFERENT day... cant stay in heat too long at my age lol)

emoticon Remember to take a 5 min break in shade and remember to have FUN!

okay true, it was HARD today & my FUN part came when I was DONE! emoticon


emoticon PHOTOS emoticon

YES I decided to put up the white lattice walls today Saturday 07/13/19 on the SIDE of my house in 82 degrees HOT emoticon blistering sun, sweat LITERALLY dripping off my face

emoticon emoticon BUT I was DETERMINED to get it done TODAY!!!! and get it over with... the UPPER portion anyways... the lower portion of the wall can be installed another day... too hot and I was exhausted to be honest...

emoticon but the HARD WORK was worth it :-)
Physical labor completed in 2 hours today 07/13/19 Sat. emoticon

Favorite tools: Sledge hammer and hammer

emoticon REMEMBER: In any project: ALWAYS wear safety glasses and Gloves!!!

Tool basket to have handy while working....

REMEMBER to always measure TWICE and mark it with magic marker

My foot stabilizing the white lattice

Me taking photos of my lattice project today 07/13/19

installed the lattice walls... needs support beams still

support beams installed and in place

Now I have MORE privacy in my yard, yeh!

SIDE of my house privacy level :-) yeh!!!

Side of my driveway already completed a couple of months ago but this is HOW the side of my house will look like when completed.... I still have to install the "bottom" white lattice panels on the side of my house and lay floor foundation to install the fake green floor longgggggg rug but again that is a LOT of work remaining for a different day or month LOL.

After all the physical LABOR in the hot sun today for 2 hours... I took some ibuprofen to ease my sore muscles, now I am sit back and relax INSIDE my house with the air conditioner on, freshly showered and sipping on sugar free koolaid and eating my cool salad, yahooo!!!


:-) what I discovered today is to STOP trying to eat ALL that food from ONE mason jar
and instead:

accept the fact that ONE of my mason jar salads MAKES 2 meals emoticon

07/13/19 = ONE mason jar salad of mines made TWO salads, yahoo!!!!
so happy! emoticon

Eat one meal now....
Eat the other meal later emoticon
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