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Day 194: A Busy Weekend

Saturday, July 13, 2019

"Staying positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming." (Author Unknown)

Hello to the weekend!!!

Our heatwave cooled down in the evening yesterday and it was nice. However, those hot ’90s are in the forecast for every day next week, UGH! We did have a small rainstorm and it was enough that I turned the water off for the yard. Don’t you hate it when you wake up and its already hot outside? That’s how it is right now. It looks nice, but that heat hits you. Scooter likes sitting on the patio steps for a few minutes every morning with the sun on him.

We started cleaning up the house and dusting things. Today we’re going to get the guest room ready for Cuinn. Even though he’ll be here for a few days only we do have a small plan. On Sunday, we’ll go see my Dad because he hasn’t been there. They have these stations set up when you’re having the funeral service there and when it’s over, they take the casket and will bury it. Later, that day you can call, and they’ll tell you what section and number plot they’re at. My BIL and nephews had to fly back home right after the service and didn’t get to go back to see where my Dad is buried. Then we’ll go see my grandparents for a little bit because they’re about ten minutes from the cemetery. We want to do something on Monday, but not sure what yet. Then he leaves late Tuesday night, so sad. He’s trying to get his vacation for Halloween and stay for a week. Fingers crossed that it works out. He really wants to do Halloween with us, and we have a Christmas festival the next day. My Mom is hoping this starts a trend with the other boys and they come out for a visit.

My Mom got ahold of the landscaping company that was going to do the front and now we have an appointment on Tuesday about the backyard instead. Everyone had to put in rock against their houses for drainage or something like that. My parents chose a bigger sized rock than the smaller one most people have. It’s nice and everything, but the weeds come out everywhere on those rocks and they can be difficult to walk on. So many times I’ve almost twisted an ankle on those while doing things. We would like to put concrete instead and use the rocks for decorating the gardens we have. I just want things to get easier in the summer for us because all we do is work in the yard.

Have a great weekend!
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