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07/13/19 Morning Sun

Saturday, July 13, 2019

"The arrival of the morning sun means another day has just begun. I give thanks for all I have today, tomorrow, and in my past. Another Day to be all I can be no matter the negativity that tries to defeat me. Yes, optimistic I will stay. Thanks to the morning sun that starts my day." Ramona Spires

Doc: "Now that you're 50, what's the most difficult thing to do, Wiz?" Wizard: "Yes."

While waiting in line at a busy airport check-in counter,
I noticed a set of rambunctious little boys in front of
me. As the line inched along, their mother tried in vain
to get them to calm down.

Finally she reached the counter, where the ticket agent
asked her, "Have any of the items you plan to take with
you on this flight been out of your immediate control
since your arrival at the airport?"

The young mother replied honestly, "The luggage, no; the
children, yes."

- From Clean Laughs

It's Beans 'n' Franks Day! If you've been on a picnic or a camping trip, then you've probably had some variation of this combination.
--Barbershop Music Appreciation Day: today honors the start of the Adeline's; on July 13, 1945, Edna Mae Anderson in Tulsa, OK, started a group of women to sing barbershop-style songs; the husbands of the wives were part of the barbershop music conservation movement.
--Embrace Your Geekness Day: geeks are often portrayed as brilliant but socially awkward; today is to stand proud for your unique interests and views of life.
--Gruntled Workers Day: we always hear about the disgruntled worker, so today is about the workers satisfied or content with their jobs; today is a good day to see the good sides to your job.
--National French Fries Day: French fries actually began in Belgium in the late 17th century; lots of variations in the shapes and seasoning; stats show the average American eats 20-30 pounds a year (I can't even fathom that).
--National Beef Tallow Day: started by the Paleo enthusiasts as a healthy fat, Beef Tallow Day is paired with French Fries Day because McDonald's used to fry the potatoes in beef tallow; I remember that and I remember how hard we fought to stop it because it wasn't healthy.
--Fool's Paradise Day: Fool's Paradise Day is a day off for the mind. If the real life is wrecked up and everything might go wrong, the message is to close your eyes and dream yourself into another world. Paradise is a imagined place where no pain, work, sorrow, annoyance or worries exist. On Fool's Paradise Day is a good occasion to visit this perfect place and forget about the troubles in real life.
--International Rock Day: not the music; though they're everywhere, those bits of earth have so much history.
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