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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nothing boosts confidence and self-esteem more than a little success. And once you start to succeed, you become more motivated to achieve that next success, and it snowballs and becomes something even greater. So if you are looking for motivation, look first at ways you can acknowledge your successes. Plan a healthy meal and eat according to your plan and nothing extra: success. Schedule 3 strength-training workouts this week and check them off as you complete them: success. Set a goal of eating 3 servings of vegetables per day and eat them: success. Give yourself a gold star or some other mark on the calendar for each of your successful achievements in the process. Look at the overall picture of each day: is it a Lose day, a Maintain day, or a Gain day?

The ultimate success is to see your results reflected on the scale. If you can document a successful process, you will see those daily Non-Scale Victories, and eventually get the results.

All along my journey, as I added new healthy habits or changed my food or exercise plan, I would ask myself: Is this sustainable? Sometimes the answer is no, and I drop that habit or plan. Sometimes the answer is not now, so I tweak the habit or plan into something that I can do now and it will be sustainable. Later, when I’ve built more strength or worked toward that goal with baby steps, I may be able to add that habit into my daily plan as a sustainable habit. I’m always a work in progress.

Maintenance is difficult, as the scale no longer rewards me with a weekly loss. So Non-Scale Victories become really important. Having built a system of recording those daily goal achievements has really helped set me up for maintaining; not just because of the habits themselves, but because of the visual record of success on my calendar that shows the days of each week where I met those goals.
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