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A Vacation of Flow not Force

Friday, July 12, 2019

I had an incredibly meaningful vacation, everything ‘unfolded’ just as it was supposed to, not necessarily as planned.

My sister is healthy and has maintained her 70 lb. weight loss. I am thrilled about this!

I didn’t get to SUP, nor was I as active as I had planned to be. My neighbor and designated SUP instructor, ended up working right up to his trip to Japan. I was disappointed, but knew it was meant to be. Life in Hawaii is about flow, not force.

I got to go swimming at my favorite beach, once during super high tides, which was challenging and another time when the tide was super low, we went snorkeling. The waters were healing, restorative, beautifully buoyant and salty, just like I remembered.

I did get to spend time with family on my Dad’s side, the Chinese side. I got to enjoy my favorite Hawaiian food and the fellowship of family with stories and lots of laughter. After a long week, this is the best way to spend a Friday evening.

I enjoyed spending time with long-time friends. It was good to catch-up on their life. They sold a house, and moved into a high rise condo in downtown Honolulu. Both can walk to work. They look so happy and healthy!! We ate wonderful Sashimi and enjoyed the together time.

Relaxation and restoration came easy. I saw my long-time Healer gal, who knows my body. She does what I call a ‘Healing Bundle’, which incorporates three specific modes, ‘stacking’ them. My hubs thinks this is pure quackery. I don’t, I believe in it, “it” meaning, alternative healing. My Dad was a healer, he did Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, so it’s natural for me to seek out the extraordinary. I was lucky on this trip, I was able to fit in two (2) 90-minute treatments. The healing combines Acupuncture, FSM is Frequency Specific Micro-current, Electro-pulses and lomi lomi.

The treatments cleared the internal clogging and mind clutter. My circulation improved. I felt ‘the flow’ much easier and realized that I must find an Acupuncture practitioner in New Mexico.

The treatments also opened feelings. This was hard, but essential to face at this time, so I welcomed it. Anger and Hurt surfaced first, showing me two things, (like Ebenezer Scrooge) the promotion I never got years ago and the current group of gals that I work with. Tears flowed as I articulated the memory. I let it flow and flow. My sister and healer girl sat and listened until I was done. It was beautiful to have that type of space to release. I am grateful.

I also caught myself second guessing the decision I made earlier this year to turn down the separation package from my employer. Being in Hawaii tipped the scales towards "why the hell didn't you take the package?" I told myself to knock it off, but it nagged at me, until I yelled at it, ENOUGH, PAU. (Pau = Done / Hawaiian)

I am most pleased that majority of my time was spent at home with Zipper, my Sister’s BFF Cat and long-time guardian. He’s been sick, we prayed hard that he would be alive so that we could spend time with him and he was! He’s somewhere between 23 – 25 years old and has lived an incredible life! We hung with Zipper while my Sister went to work and he enjoyed the loving energy. My hubs had a good conversation with Zippy about crossing over the “Rainbow Bridge”. Hubs wanted Mr. Z to know that it’ll be alright. He can let go whenever he’s ready, and that we would take good care of my Sister. Hubs thanked Mr. Z for being such a loyalist to all of us, and that we love him. Hubs told Mr. Z that our 2 heavenly loved ones, Pono & Joshy would be waiting for him at Rainbow’s edge, with the Heavenly Welcome Crew.

I’m now back in New Mexico, back in the saddle and back to Spark just in the knick of time to dive into the Summer 5% Challenge. I am looking forward to it!

Happy mid-July Sparkfriends!
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