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Listening to what our bodies say

Friday, July 12, 2019

I'll be 65 in 2 months and my body is starting to fight me in many ways it never had. The past two years have seen two major falls, one gave me a new concussion and reinjured my old concussion. Those were within six months of each other and injured my sternum and ribs plus collarbone and shoulder. In the first six months of this year, I've been in two automobile accidents. The last being the worst. I believe that the concussions have triggered the exhaustion and difficulty adjusting to different altitudes and climates. I definitely know they've triggered all the dizziness and balance issues. So I had a painful reminder that all of the above have changed my body in ways I never thought of. Like hiking at the Rhododendron gardens on Roan Mountain. I barely made it through the short loop. It totally exhausted me. I was stunned as I've been doing this every year since 2010. Even my walks are shorter than usual. I also have asthma which affects me more than I want to own up to. Factor in this last automobile accident and it's shocking how far I've gone down. Rest is crucial now more than ever. I'm learning what my new normal is for now. I'm hopeful that in the future I will be able to step things up again. At any rate, I'm going to remain positive and do whatever it takes to get to feeling better. I won't be this hyper to exercise beyond my capacity. I've done that and paid for it. Listen to your body. If there's pain listen to your body before you do some serious damage to it. That damage might now show up now but later in life. My body has suffered a lot of damage during my teenage years. Falling down steps, getting thrown out side by guys who loved to harass me. They did it in fun but now I'm paying for it with all my back issues. Then my hell bend on destruction years in my early to mid 20s. Then an automobile accident in my early 30s followed by the birth of my son. I gave up on life in my 40s. My husband died just a few weeks after I turned 50. It took dying from complications of gallbladder surgery to wake me up. Over all that time, I still fell a lot. I fell down a hill at a park in Tennessee. I was near my heaviest and this started my downfall the year before the gallbladder surgery. After that I had to start my hard recovery. I could barely walk from the driveway to the house. It was a slow progress towards returning to a more normal routine. It was after that I joined Sparkpeople. I lost 30 pounds and thought I could do it all by myself. Wrong in July 2011 I returned. I mark July 24, 2011 as the starting point in my new life. I have been here every day and I log every bite I put in my mouth. Even on the binge days where looking at my results makes me want to scream. I've tried all sorts of diets since I was 13. Now I try to get a varied sensible variety of foods. I measure and weight my food when I'm home. When I'm with my brother it's chaotic and I guesstimate everything. You live and learn. I'm practicing my gratitude daily. I'm thinking positive thoughts. Plus I thank God every day for healing my body and my brain and eyes. Prayers are why I'm still here. I'm thankful for everyone here and their support and prayers. Sending you all love and hugs and prayers. Thank you
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