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Healing Hands

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I wrote this tonight after hearing that my daughter might have heart failure. My heart was breaking and I cried. She is my only child and I love her so much.

Healing Hands
Waves crash against the shore
My heart cries no more!
I am at the breaking point
Torn apart at the joints

Wind whips through the trees
I feel a gentle breeze
Birds fly up overhead
Feel like I am dead

My life is in shambles
Wading through brambles
Tears fall to the ground
They make no sound

I don’t feel like you care
Is anyone out there?
Does anyone know how it feels?
When you’re dealt a bad deal?

Shaken and stirred up
Too much in my cup
I just want to shout
What is it all about?

Why is this happening now?
I just don’t know how
How I can handle this
It is agony not bliss

My only child is in danger
Lord you are no stranger
To heartache and sorrows
Today and tomorrow

Lord I need you to help me
Oh God can’t you see?
I cannot lose her!
Let the waters stir

Let the healing come
You are God’s own Son
You can touch and heal
As your glory is revealed

Please don’t take my child
She’s so sweet and mild
My heart would break
And continually ache

We have been through so much
Keep her out of Satan’s clutch
Keep your hands off
Be still and don’t scoff!

I believe in You, Lord
I believe in Your holy word
You calmed the raging seas
You set people free

You cast out the demons
While they were screaming
You fed the multitude
Giving God gratitude

You healed the leprous men
And there were ten
You raised the dead
You are the living bread

I call on you now
Only You know how
To heal the sick and lame
That is why You came

You have healing hands
I know You can
Touch her ailing form
You can calm the storm

That is raging in me
I am on my knees
Praying for Your grace
As I seek Your face

Master, Lord and Savior
I am asking Your favor
Healing and protection
And heavenly direction

Give me strength and fortitude
And a trusting attitude
Peace of mind and joy
Don’t let Satan destroy

The temple you dwell in
I know that we can win
With you on our side
For we are Your bride

We believe in Your power
Filling us every hour
We believe You are the King
And You can do anything!

Laura Strnad 7-11-2019

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