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Eye update

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Today was my appointment with my retina specialist. Back in January of 2009 I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration of my left eye. I had four shots in that eye between January and May of 2009. Things went great until. February 2017 when my right eye went out of sorts and I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration of the right eye. I had the first shot in that eye. In December 2017 I had my last shot in my eyes. Since then it's been smooth sailing. I go in for regular checks to make sure nothing is bleeding or leaking fluids. So far so good. Today was no different. No shot in either eye. The problem was the pressure was up in one eye. I've been through this before with my now deceased retina specialist. Personally I think it was a new employee doing this and wasn't used to checking the pressure because after using the drops for a couple months, I started having severe eye pain and quit the drops. Today was a new employee and we were chatting and she said basically she wasn't that familiar with doing the pressures. Mine was 28 one time and 29 the next time she tried it. I honestly think it's incorrect. The retina specialist was puzzled why the sudden jump. We talked a few minutes and I told him about my past experience so he wants me to see another doctor that specializes in glaucoma. He said it was a precaution as I am extremely near-sighted and my eye was shaped a little different. I have no problem with that. It's not an emergency as he discussed it with the doctor. So I'll be seeing him on the 14th of August. I don't see the retina specialist until November. As always if I notice anything different I'm to immediately call the office. When I'm traveling I have a back up plan in place with my doctor. Since I've been dealing with the insanity of my crazy eyes for ten years I'm comfortable with traveling and doing the normal things. When I was diagnosed I was 54 years old. My deceased retina specialist said that this was a genetic thing. I know in working with genealogy of blindness in the past amount one family, the three daughters all went blind. I can't help but wonder if this is what happened to them. Of course, I have cousins, aunts and great aunts that all got the age related macular degeneration which get shots frequently. I believe an aunt and cousin get them monthly.
So my very near-sighted self has to watch things. I can't wear sunglasses anymore because if I'm in a car I get very nauseated and dizzy. I can wear them walking but they screw up my depth perception therefore I have problems with face planting. Not a good thing either way. I'll have to wear the sunglasses in Florida. My sunglasses are prescription. I used to use those that wrapped around your regular glasses but that was worse because it made my glasses weigh a ton on my nose and fall off. Just one more challenge for now.
I did manage a very short walk tonight but had to come home because of my asthma. They crop dusted the crops down the street tonight. Bummer. It actually felt good outside.
Take care y'all. Have a great week. If you're affected by Tropical Storm Barry take necessary precautions. We're supposed to get the remnants by Monday and right now they're calling for 4 inches of rain (on top of all the rain we've had this year) and short lived tornadoes and wind damage (on top of all we've already had this year). Stay safe. Sending love, hugs and prayers to y'all.
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