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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

I arrived home Saturday. My 3 year old granddaughter has spent the past two nights with me. She missed her grandma. Ran errands Saturday night and Sunday. Was wore out today (Monday). Stayed home to rest, lol. Instead I washed and dried three loads of laundry, unpacked my suitcase, ran two loads in the dishwasher and took put the trash. I still have another suitcase to unpack too. I've gone through six weeks worth of mail too. I'm tired. Granddaughter went home today. Her mommy had ear surgery and can't be jostled or do much of anything right now. Her Daddy works nights so my son is helping with her. Its been two weeks since the automobile accident. The past eight days have been busy. Plus the trip home. Tomorrow is more errands too. A trip to the meat market for the weekly special. A couple bills left to pay tomorrow too. I have an appointment with the retina specialist on Thursday. I need to schedule an appointment with my primary physician too. I also need to get my vision checked but I'm waiting until after the appointment on Thursday. I've been hurting off and on today. All across my shoulders, collarbone and my pinched nerve in my arm is screaming too. It's all because of blood pressure cuffs. My arm is also bruised from it. My injuries are healing but I still have to be careful. The doctor at the ER said it could take up to 3 months for my body to heal. My exercise plans are to walk some. The heat and humidity at home drain every drop of energy that I do have out. So I'm just pacing inside the house for the most part. Still some work around the house to do. My exercise with my right shoulder is limited to just simple range of motion movements and easy light, less than 5 pound lifting. I'm having trouble with 2 pounds right now. Four pounds got me hurting. Walking on the treadmill at the gym before the accident caused chest pains so I had to quit. My all over machine may be off limits because it uses the arms. Maybe in a week or two I can try it and see. I'm trying to be patient and listen to my body but it's hard. I'm resting more but my butt is tired of sitting, lol. My recliner feels good otherwise. I hope everyone is doing good. Hugs and love
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