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Back from Sweden.

Monday, July 08, 2019

I got back from Sweden on Friday night. My sweet husband drove all the way down to Dublin to collect me and we got home around midnight. My husband started his new job in Leeds today, and I have just dropped him off at the airport (4.15am wake up call) and tomorrow I head over to York. My parents are here to look after our son, and it is the first time we are leaving him overnight with someone else.

I am very tired. I feel like I've barely caught up with being away and now I'll be off again.

But, the good news is that my weight is down. The huge amount of walking and vegetarian meals in Sweden probably helped a lot with that. I also managed to go jogging twice. I was quite proud of managing that, considering my very long work hours (8am until about 11pm most days). I left for Sweden at 59kg, and arrived back at 57.5, so now I need to keep working at not letting the creature comforts of home let the scale slip up again. In a way that trip gave me the boost I needed as the Summer 5% challenge starts. I think I had began to feel that I was stuck in a rut would never lose the weight. Now I see how just some changes in my diet and exercise actually can impact my weight loss.

My goal is 56kg. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I have really struggled to get into the consistency of weight-loss and so this number feels a bit like a mountain to climb. (For those who think in pounds, it's about a 4 pound weight loss, from about 128 to 124 pounds. I am quite petite, so it is just at the top end of a healthy BMI for me).

Yesterday we visited my husband's family farm. It was an amazing trip. The land has been farmed by his family since 1730. It is remarkable to me that the family has been able to hold on to it for that length of time and was quite an honour to be wandering around that land with our young son - who even got a chance to be in a tractor! Amazing to think his great-great-great-great Grandfathers once ploughed those fields!

There was the most amazing spread of homemade farm cooking after our walk. I was exceptionally proud of my son who chose the sandwiches over the delicious sweet treats in front of him. I was not as successful! However, this morning I feel like I can get my groove on again, so to speak, and eat a little bit better.

Then I will be in York for the next three days. I'm hoping this will be my last trip of the Summer, but we will see. I'm feeling the upheaval of our impending move and a strong desire to just be still and in one place for a little bit.

So, this week's goals:
Go jogging 3 times this week, probably Monday, Friday and Saturday.
Keep up with calorie tracking (at a 39 day streak!) and keep focusing on reducing my calorie intake
Prioritise sleep and mental health by resting when I am home and taking time to play with my son and be outside. Also, remember to breathe deeply.
8 glasses of water a day
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