Do not Panic.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

This statement has come up several times over the past week and it really has me thinking. These are not words to be used only while playing the game "Don't Panic" and the timer is running out. It is not just handy when you are walking in the woods and see a black bear meandering along the creek and the trail your on is heading in the same direction. The words are especially handy, for me anyway, while cooking breakfast for any more then two people. Short and fast order cook, I am not.

I seriously started to panic when life threw me curve balls of mostly minor and some huge but awesome changes last year. My running and hiking life was completely disrupted and I mentally started to freak out and panic. "Oh my gosh, I am going to gain all of my weight back! This has to stop! Oh my gosh!" lol

I had to tell myself...Stop! Don't panic. Assess the situation and your options in a calm and thoughtful manner. It is good to reevaluate your plans every so often and think about things from other angles. I am not going to gain all of my lost weight back overnight, I will have warning signs that will need addressing way before I gain back all that I lost.

I do not need to run or hike extreme mileage to stay in good physical condition and maintain my weight. It is truly a matter of simple math, calories in vs. calories out. I have many choices in which to keep this balanced out. I need to pay attention, stop and think, then act on my best judgement to continue or change something without a panicked mind.

I still run and hike but there are many other things that I am enjoying right now that also require time that is so limited. I am finding more balance and enjoyment at the moment and it is all good.

BTW-I am still maintaining my weight loss of 65lbs after 10 years and many life changes. I guess I am learning what they mean by "life style change vs diet".
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