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Morning Pages

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Well, I'm awake at 0430 hrs so thought that that made today the perfect day to resume my morning pages and my other "Miracle Morning" tasks that I was doing when I was employed but had dropped by the wayside when I was laid off!

So I sat on my deck, at 0430, with no coffee, the sun coming up so the sky was light enough to see but i still needed the deck light on, and wrote 3 pages of whatever was in my head. The purpose of this, according to Julia Cameron of "The Artist's Way", is to get the crap out of your head so the creativity can flow. Write three pages first thing in the morning. I find that this helps not just with my writing, but it also helps clear Mr Negativity out with regard to all aspects of my life! You never go back and reread Morning Pages, just write. Complain, yell, talk about housework, anything that is in your head...clear it out so it isn't weighing you down!

It was good to get back to it. Sometimes it is hard to write three pages but this morning it flowed...probably because it has been a while!

Now I feel relaxed, ready to get back at it and get my exercise time in. Ready to schedule time to write write later today. I feel positive. I feel hopeful. I feel excited for the day and the future! It helps to be writing on my computer right now. The tap tap noise it makes while I write, the feel of the keys moving and seeing the words appear as if by magic. Makes me feel like life is right right now.

it's good to feel hope, excitement, joy! I hope you have a great day...well, really, we all make our days, we all make the choice to have a great day or not. So choose wisely! Make it a great day!
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