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More hikes! More wildflowers! And progress update

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I did several new hikes to enjoy the wildflowers with my friends. I admit that after hiking five days in a row, I collapsed in exhaustion over the weekend. But today I went hiking again and it was wonderful.

Hanne, Barbara and I hiked the Badlands loop. The desert wildflowers were blooming profusely.


Dwarf monkeyflowers


Then Hanne and I hiked in the Ochoco wilderness. We started out on the lookout mountain trail, but cold rainy weather drove us to a lower elevation hike. So we completed the Steens pillar hike.

Dwarf water leaf




Indian paintbrush

Clarkia ( one of the many plants named by the Lewis and Clark expedition)

Views from the ridge

Hanne in the lupine

Steens pillar

And today Hanne, Don and I hiked around Suttle Lake. We completed the loop hike just before a massive thunderstorm moved in. It was a beautiful hike.

Hanne and me

Washington lilies were booming. They are very fragrant.

As are wild roses, and honey suckle

There were lots of campers and kayakers on the lake.

Finally, I am overdue for my four month check in after my weight loss restart. This past month was pretty much a plateau; or a roller coaster depending on how you look at it. I ended up the month having lost 1 pound, for a total loss of 25 pounds in four months. However, I actually gained 4 pounds then lost 5 pounds ( that’s the roller coaster). I gained weight when I was traveling and staying with a friend, and when I returned and was unable to use the tracker due to losing my Internet. I am glad I got back on track! Of course I wish I hadn’t gained weight. But learning to turn things around and get back on track is part of the process. I am pleased that I am stronger and hiking more. I feel more energetic and healthier. So I am continuing on, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one hike at a time.

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