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June 24th~Nice Summer Day

Monday, June 24, 2019

Today was lovely in so many ways! Just warm enough to be comfortable with a soft cool breeze.
All the critters were ok , I worried about Duck-duck as he would not go into the chicken house.
He spent the night out nested in the weeds. That pen is fairly secure..but never know.
When I went out to feed he was standing there looking into the goose pen and just chattering away. Not sure what he was saying, however I do not think it was Oh such sweet babies!hee hee
I will be needing to mow in a day or so. My poor lil garden..the plants look so sad. The hail did a number on them. I have one tomato plant that is looking good but the pepper plant and two other tomato plants are not looking healthy at all. I will baby them some and see if they pull out of it. I really need a green house.
OH...just remembered something..not sure if I related this tale or not..but it is hilarious. As you know pot is legal in Colorado. My neighbor down across the valley had a grow, good sized one, but he is gone now to Alaska. A couple of months ago this happened.
I heard a knock..look outside and there are 3 cop cars! Guys that look like detectives are at the back door..WHAT!! So I step out..you never ask them in!! They introduce themselves and I ask for ID for all of them, there are 5. They got out their ID's and I took my time looking at them then returning them to the correct person. Then asked them why you here? They got a report that I had an illegal MJ grow here! Here? at this address? Yes Ma'am. My reply...
Dang I wish I had known about it!! So they want to Look for any plants, I can have up to 19..that is a lotta pot for one lil ole lady!! No I think they changed the law to 12..still a lot if you have healthy plants! So they go thru the house, look in the closets with nada observed. Then I took them out to the garage. Told them if they found anything out there in that mess they could have it!! Again nada. Gave them permission to search the storage sheds in the North pasture if they wanted, but warned them there were likely to be snakes and rats in those sheds. hmmm big strong guy turned pale and said..no we are good! Now I am left to wonder...who turned me in? Really..I hardly ever talk to any of my neighbors, except the kids!
I guess I will never know..but it provided me with an afternoon of entertainment for sure.
So now you know about Katie's Big Pot Caper !!
Fun and games on the farm!!
Nite ya'al!!
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