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Monday, June 24, 2019

Mixed emotions today about orthopedic surgeon appointment. On the plus side, this doctor assured me that I do NOT need complete knee replacements. He told me that a partial replacement would be better. He told me he looked at the X-rays and it appeared that ALL of the deterioration on both knees is isolated to the inside of my knees. He then poked and prodded them all over the knee and the pain is also isolated to the same area. He said the deterioration is quite severe and that is why they keep collapsing and making me so unsteady. The bad news is he said he absolutely refused to do both at the same time. He said it was too risky and especially at my age it was not something he would do. He also commented that he cannot recall seeing a situation where there was NO deterioration except in the same one spot on both knees.

The good news is the surgery is less involved and has an easier recovery. I now have a date. The procedure involves a single day and possibly one night stay at the hospital. Physical therapy will be necessary but less than I was expecting. All the pre-op stuff I did will be duplicated because they have to be done within the 2 weeks before the surgery. Most can be done when I go in to take the class that is required before surgery - I scheduled for next Monday. So blood work, ekg, urine analysis, etc. then the class. A trip to my primary care physician is also necessary even though I just saw him and he referred me. Then the final thing is done on the Saturday before the surgery when I go for something called typing - I guess it is about making sure they are prepared for transfusions if necessary.I

I feel confident that this doctor (about an hour and a half away) is the better choice than my original selection (local). He took the time to explain his logic and just gave me a feeling of complete certainty.

The process has begun! I am much more settled and the uncertainty has evaporated. Thanks for all the support and encouragement! I am exhausted but not anxious tonight.
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