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Life update

Monday, June 24, 2019

Well, I'm adjusting my life yet again. As I type, I'm icing my shoulder. There's a hand size area of swelling under the bruises. This morning my brother and I were in an auto accident. We were traveling down a divided four lane highway when I guy pulled across the road directly in front of us. He said he didn't see our car. The impact of the crash threw me forward and then the seatbelt snapped me back sharply. My brother and I were shocked that the airbags did not deploy. I elected to go by ambulance to the hospital my brother asked that I be taken to. Naturally I got the ambulance that's air conditioning just went out on the way over. I had a very hard plastic cervical collar on. I looked terrible. When the doctor came in to see me in ER she examined my neck and put me in a softer one. That was barely better. It nearly choked me when I went down for the CT scan of my neck. Then a little later I had xrays of my right shoulder and chest. Thankfully nothing was broken. I have whiplash and a sprained right shoulder. I have bruising and swelling where the seat belt was. So I'm doing the ice pack on the shoulder. Limited activity for up to 3 months. I can't lift over 5 pounds too. The doctor said I might have long term problems as a result. So I guess when I get home, I'm canceling my gym membership. I dont want to but I can't afford it with other things going on. That makes auto accident number two for 2019. Same situation with the other driver running a stop sign in Florida. No injury just soreness. My body is screaming at me. If the ran ends I might go for a walk tomorrow. I'll be wearing my sling fir awhile too. Everything of course depends on how I am feeling. Today happened so fast I didnt have time to react. I knew we hit the other car but I didn't know that the other car had flipped until I looked over. I'm just so thankful that it wasn't worse. Strange thing, we had stopped at a gas station before this. There was a county sheriff K9 unit and a state policeman. As we left I started praying for those officers and others around the world. I had just ended that prayer when we hit. All and all, I'm so grateful tonight for everyone from my brother to the other driver being okay to the EMS ambulance crews and officers that responded. Then theres the ER staff and xray, CT scan techs. Everyone was so nice. Plus our friends Shawn and Rhonda and Marilyn. Marilyn loaned Shawn her Denali so I could ride in comfort to my brother's house. Both cars involved were towed. So currently my brother is without a car until the insurance companies get their act together. My son has named my brother and I the dangerous twins. Lol Goodnight. Thank you all for your continuing support and prayers. Love and hugs.
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