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Sunday, June 23, 2019

I started working my way through the book "Warrior Goddess Training". I wish I had known this stuff at birth. Part of the first lesson is to look in the mirror and take note of your thoughts. My first day I sort of beat myself up because I always see those genetically given bags under my eyes. My namesake, great grandmother had them, my grandma had them, my mom had them and I GOT THEM! What I thought about, was the virtues of my great grandmother, and if I inherited those little bags, I must have inherited some of her sweet spirit and her many virtues as well. My sister got the other families "stuff" She doesn't have those puffy bags, she didn't get the little short stocky build, but I will ever be grateful I didn't get some of the other stuff she got as well. It really never is greener on the other side of the fence. We might look at something with desire but have to look deeper at the cost. I garden, as you might know. I look at my neighbors lovely green lawn and covet. I do know however the cost of that is $$$ for lawn maintenance services and killing the environment with chemicals. I sincerely do enough killing the environment, so won't add the chemicals and I would really rather spend my $$$ elsewhere.

OK, I deviated a bit there. Yesterday in the car with my g.daughter, I accidentally snapped this picture of myself. I was about to delete it when I realised I needed to keep it and embrace this woman. Ya, the face is makeup free, dirty from playing in the sun all day, freckles from the lack of using sunscreen, The hair is wack cause my glasses are pushed up on my head, gray hairs popping out here and there. The double chin shows up quite nicely as well. I am not beating myself up for it.. HAHAHAHAHA, let's face it I am actually posting it here. I decided I love that face, all almost 70 years of wear and tear.

I was on Pinterest yesterday and even the inspirational "stuff" for aging women, show these very beautiful gray haired creatures. I couldn't help but say, out loud, to my dog (cause I don't admit to talking to myself) "what the heck, why do all those affirmations to our natural beauty have those made up gorgeous....unrealistically beautiful women.

So, I am so sorry if I frightened you with that bigger than life mug of a picture, but, I love it more today than I did 4 days ago, so, blahahahahaha, deal with it. I also recommend staring at yourself in the mirror, get past being critical and find the freedom to love yourself just the way you are.

By the way, Warrior Goddess Training is a great book.
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