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Tiny Dough Kneaders

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I miss those quarter size paws already and it hasn’t even been a day. The meow of announcement when my cat let me know she was there. Basically hollering, “Hey Lady!” (in a Jerry Lewis style voice. Remember that?).

Cats choose you. They truly do. I let my 16+ yr old cat go yesterday. She was struggling just too much this past week. I could see it. Her organs were shutting down. We could smell it. Her body was deteriorating so rapidly. My gosh. Her raucous meow was barely audible now. It was time.

We were Jit-Zu’s 5th or 6th home (!). Over 10 years ago we went to the Humane Society looking for an older black cat. A floofy gray and white old lady feline pawed at me. She decided that she was coming home with us instead.
Since her name had been changed often already, we thought that she deserved an epic one. She would do this great single leg kick stretch throughout the day like a fierce fighter. We named her Jit-Zu Roe. Our little Kung Fu princess. Yeah!

About 5 years ago Jit-Zu was diagnosed with late stage kidney failure. My hubby administered all of the pills, powder mixtures, special food, water bowls in almost every room, etc. You name it, we did it.
Three years ago Jit-Zu was given about a year to live. So we were given a gift of 2 extra years as far as I’m concerned.

Part of me had hoped that Jit-Zu would secretly just stop working like a battery operated stuffed animal, you know? Maybe wind down, curl up and go to sleep forever. Then there would be no need to call for the euthanasia service. But we need to be adults, don’t we? Yes, we do.
She was struggling. I saw it. I owed this to her.

We lost our 7yr old dog Olive far too early in life just 8 months ago, so being faced with saying goodbye to another pet was harsh.

I gave myself some time to be sad, but will strive to celebrate Jit-Zu’s life. 16 years fills her book of life with many stories to tell : ).

To Jit-Zu: I will miss your glorious eyes, your purring audible from across the room and ridiculous sarcasm toward the dog.

Thank you for adopting us : ).

This last one captures how I’m feeling today *ugh*

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