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Glad to finally know....

Thursday, June 20, 2019

For months I have been struggling to find out why I haven't been able to lose weight and keep it off. I would lose ten pounds then BOOM!! it would come back within weeks.

I have been developing muscle aches and pains including my joints. My hair has been falling out, scalp is super dry, no "special" shampoo would help, elbows, feet and knees, also are dry, depression and anxiety to boot, always tired, no energy. At times I feel like I'm having a heart attack or panic attack, with constant heart palpitations. But my oxygen and blood pressure has always been excellent, still is. But I kept relating this to my mother's death back in February. You know, due to stress and depression??!!

Since 2016 I have been struggling with Menstrual issues and have seen 3 doctors for them to tell me there is not much that I can do but hold out until menopause, because having a hysterectomy could cause additional issues like my bowels or bladder falling out of place, all because i didn't not have my kids naturally, I had all 4 via c-section. This has been so frustrating and depressing. I kept asking my general doctor what I can do and (I felt) he was more focused on my diabetes then any other issues I was complaining about. At one point, he stated I could have possible Fibromyalgia. I really trust my doctor, but felt I wasn't being heard. I told my husband i feel like I am crazy and that I can't seem to hold it together.

So, I decided to take advantage of the free blood labs that are offered for State employees and had all my blood work done. Found out I am, of course, diabetic, but now anemic, and have hypothyroidism. After doing some research, I found out all the symptoms that I have been experiencing these last 4 years may have been due to my thyroid being out of whack. I had all 4 doctors say that they didn't feel, at that time, they found it necessary to check my thyroid. They all checked my iron, cholesterol, glucose, and so forth, but never my thyroid.

I am so glad I took it into my own hands to see what I can see and find out. So, now I am in hopes, that getting my thyroid and iron back to normal, I can begin to lose the weight i should be losing all this time and this will in turn, help with the diabetes and hopefully one day I can get back to a normal life (It's been so long, I think I forgot what that is emoticon ). I am just glad to know that I am never afraid to advocate for myself.

My doctor and I revisited my menstrual issues and he went over my past chart and said that the information that was given to me is "the worse case scenario." He said that he apologizes that HE did not give me the proper information either. He is now referring me to a specialist to see if a hysterectomy is the best option or not. This way we can get the final result. My doctor feels that it is the best option and is possible, but again I will have to have surgery in the same place as my c-sections, which is longer for healing, 6 weeks. If so, I am a little relieved, but nervous. Surgery terrifies me and at my current weight, even more so, scared of complications. So now I wait for the appointment. But I seriously do feel really relieved that I had did this.

It's always a good thing to advocate for yourself. Never hold it in the doctors responsibility completely. They are so busy with dealing with patients every day, they can't always make the right or best decision for everyone every time. Doing your own research and really knowing your body will not only help you, but will help the doctors to make the right decisions for your care. Always speak up and never hesitate. Question, question, question!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful and blessed day!!
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    emoticon emoticon
    120 days ago
    It's a good thing you kept at it and finaly found out what was going on. 3 of my sisters have hypothyroides and are doing ok. Once you start taking the pill for it, just listen to your body. Even more so if you lose weight because it can affect your dosages.

    As for the bleeding, once you meet with the specialist maybe inquire about Bakri Balloon. I had very heavy bleeding coming every 20 to 24 days and was constantly anemic because of it. My Gynecologist talked to me about doing a uterine curretage followed by the balloon and for me it stopped all bleeding. i think it is worth researching since this way they don't need to cut anything. message me if you need more info about this.

    So glad you now know what is going on! have a great day
    120 days ago
    Excellent that you took control of your own health. Definitely, we do have to do that. Glad you're going to get answers. That's most important.

    Every wymptom you mentioned I had and mentioned it to my dr. over several years time. All attributed to have 2 toddlers. NOPE that wasn't the answer @ all. I had thyroid disease. Once I got that controlled with medication, I felt much better.

    And do watch your #'s. With thyroid disease, there can be diabetes and high blood pressure. Have to watch it.

    Proud of you for advocating for yourself.
    121 days ago

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  • GETIT50
    Way to take control of your health! 💪
    121 days ago
    Glad you now know and can get on track and get yourself back to normal.
    121 days ago
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