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My Theory on Why Even When Professing He Would Continue to Engage in Breaking the Law...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

and dare others to face him down, so many people are complacent and willing to let the guy I'm talkin' about off the hook.

I worked in both government in a state capitol and in organizations that were funded by governments. I lived the everyday life of seeing my activities screened and documented. In government, I found that documentation and accountability were often more important than the services I was offering. It is a very frustrating model to live under and provided years of stress that may go unnoticed by those who love us.

As for politicians, they live in fish bowls, and are seen moment by moment by many multiple sets of eyes. Most people realize this, and lots of the time, even in business occupations, excessive scrutiny exists for their own work. I believe the core of the orange man supporters know this, and live vicariously through this presidents flaunting of all of the mores, laws and ethics that so confine us. They are happy to have a leader who seems so unafraid of these constrictions that he will flaunt his own believed freedom to act as he darn well pleases. It is reassuring to them that he can move as he pleases. I think this is why his 38 to 42% support never wavers. His supporters are cheering him on for the rascal that he is. Wouldn't we all like to be so free.
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