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Week 1 FLAB-U-LESS Summer BL Challenge

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Week 1 FLAB-U-LESS Summer BL Challenge

Thur 6/06:cal in 2698, cal burned 2144, carbs 23(18), 72%/25%/3%
Fri 6/07: cal in 1902, cal burned 2685, carbs 12(8), 76%/21%/3%
Sat 6/08: cal in 2914, cal burned 1672, carbs 22(18), 72%/25%/3%
Sun 6/09: cal in 2375, cal burned 2885 , carbs 51(38), 78%/14%/9%
(avocado for breakfast, BIG Greek salad for lunch...hence carbs high)
Mon 6/10: cal in 2423, cal burned 3234, carbs 26(15), 72%/24%/4%
Tue 6/11: cal in 2217, cal burned 4324, carbs 35(31), 74%/20%/6%
Wed 6/12: cal in 2344, cal burned 2610, carbs 22(20), 70%/26%/4%

Calories In: 2410, cal burned: 2793, carbs: 26(21), 73%/22%/5%

Keto strong. Doing my best. Fitness minutes up. Calories in within range. Carbs a little high but lower than last week. Eating a lot of avocados & salad. Percentages a little bit off. Shooting for 75/20/5

FLAB-U-LESS Summer BL Challenge WK 1 Weigh In: 290, lost 2 lbs

Sorry that I didn't get this posted on Thursday. My summers are VERY FULL. I spend the majority of my day either in the Collinsville OUTDOOR pool, the Martinsville INDOOR pool or the Martinsville THERAPY pool... depending on the days and times. I am averaging at least 5 hours per day in the water. Then there is the driving time between spots... and being the grandmama taxi..driving my hubby (who doesn't drive) to and from work & adding in my son, who has just gotten a new job and will be on the taxi log as well... since we only have the 1 vehicle. The past 2 weeks the granddaughter that lives with me has had camps that she has needed to be delivered to. This week, she is off... so she will be running the road & swimming with grandmama all week.

I was happy with my weight loss. My BIGGEST current goal is to lose 15 pounds. It means a lot to me. I would like to lose it BY July 23rd... but that is just the cherry on top. WHY is this a big deal?

In 15 pounds.... I started my KETO plan on July 23rd 2018. I have lost 85 pounds in that time. 15 pounds would mean 100 pounds of KETO weight loss.

In 15 pounds.... I started my SPARK journey weighing 475 pounds. I have lost 185 pounds in that time. 15 pounds would mean 200 pounds of SPARK weight loss.

I'm getting very excited and working extra hard on my fitness minutes and KETO consumption. One day at a time, I will get there. If it is not by the 23rd of July... hopefully it will be by the end of the FLAB-U-LESS Summer BL Challenge. That would be a fun way to celebrate my "weigh-down" the scale.

Thanks for taking the journey with me. Bright blessings to you all.
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