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What we hold onto...

Friday, June 14, 2019

Hello friends. I'm dragging a bit today.. Been a long week with the mother of all long days yesterday..

Alarm went off at 330am and I got up and got myself ready to head out the door by 420am.. Made myself a cup of coffee because I really needed it. Got to the airport and grabbed a bottle of water and a banana and that became my breakfast.

Boarded the flight and luckily slept a good portion of it. Not great sleep, but some rest none the less.

Landed in Ft Lauderdale and it was very warm headed to HOT, not complaining cause I am in need of some serious heat, but I was spending my day in meetings, not at the beach, so there's that..

As I was walking to the rental car area, I caught myself fixated on a man up ahead of me, he had tattoos on the back of his legs, as he walked I watched these familiar objects go up and down; it took me a few moments to figure out what they were and then it hit me, the twin towers.. I lifted my eyes and on the back of his shirt FDNY in big letters. I found myself nodding, I whispered thank you and had this big smile on my face for him, lest he turn around and spot me in the crowd of people, and then I started connecting the dots in my head.

Last week I was on the yacht and passed the Freedom tower and took beautiful pictures of this majestic building, which only exists because of horrible loss, part of fabulous happy night. This week I read and commented on a post of someone whose brother a first responder passed from cancer, related to ground zero and his heroic efforts there and found myself feeling sad for her and all those like her, Then I saw the clip of Jon Stewart addressing the few seemingly uncaring members of congress who are withholding valuable support from survivors and their family and anger emerged at the lack of compassion.

I saw a video this week, a teacher describing holding onto pain or a stressful situation and how over time, it can really be difficult and overwhelming if you are not able to process it. The pain and grief for some on that fateful day, exists as it if it happened only yesterday, I am blessed in the fact that no one I personally knew died that day, I carry memories, but they are not an anchor that pull me down below the surface.

The labyrinth came back to mind that was built as a tribute to 9/11. I've been playing phone tag with them, I will call again today, I need to clear that path. A small insignificant gesture perhaps, but one I feel I am called to do.

My meetings went well, excellent actually. Client is very happy with our company as a whole, they think I'm wonderful, my boss and big boss were present to witness everything.

Met a vendor for lunch afterwards, went to this place called The Rustic Inn she had randomly picked as we wanted a non-chain place to eat. As I walked in I remembered I had been there about 10 years ago when hubby and I visited my cousin Barb who used to live right in the area.. We both ordered the hot Lobster roll and a side salad. It was yummy, drenched in butter I'm sure and I ate about 6 french fries too.

Dinner was 4 little cheese squares and some trail mix at the airport. Boarded the flight, slept a little bit. The man in the middle seat next to me struck up a conversation. Talked about our"small" stature and fitting in the seats.. he mentioned his wife is rather tall and if he gets one upgrade he gives it to her.. turns out he's 1k.. I know for sure because his "snack" was free and when he said to the flight attendant do you need my card, she said, no I can see your 1K status on here (the little hand held device use to process payments). After a few minutes of conversation, I dozed as I was exhausted.

Got off the plane and told my boss about him.. Said here is a guy who flies a LOT and is entitled to the "good seats" and special treatment. He was stuck in a middle seat where he could have been miserable but instead he was as kind and sweet as could be. He chose joy.

We landed early moments before the skies opened up. I walked in the door and hubby was surprised to see me.. Two weeks ago coming back from Nashville the skies opened up before we landed and were delayed for over an hour..

Overtired and wired, I grabbed a cookie off the counter and finally fell asleep sometime around midnight.

I am not one to explain my thoughts and how they are weight related, but today I will take the time for those who have trouble following the bouncing ball, #everythingwedoimpactseverythi

Emotions play a huge role in how well we succeed or how terribly we fail in all aspects of life, including trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Through the course of the day, our moods can change at the drop of a hat based on what we see and hear. Learning to get in front of those or work through those unexpected feelings is important not only for our weight loss but for our overall well being.

Sending peace and love to you all. If you are carrying grief and sadness in your heart, I send you prayers for hope and healing. Have a blessed Friday.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    30 days ago
    have a good trip.
    30 days ago
    Thank you for reminding me to choose joy...usually not a problem for me, but some days...
    30 days ago
    Tattoos usually have a meaningful story. This gentleman's certainly does...

    Choosing joy... Amazing what happens when we do.
    30 days ago
    This was a wonderful blog! I appreciate you walking us through the thought process, it was important! Seeing Jon Stewart speaking to congress and it made me want to cry! All I could think was "Give'em hell Jon!!
    30 days ago
    emoticon I appreciate your kindness.

    Long day, woman. Happy to hear your travels were safe, your meetings went well and you're back to the confines of home.

    31 days ago
  • no profile photo DOWN95AFTER60
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I always receive something to think about.

    31 days ago
    I have absolutely the utmost respect for Jon Stewart for standing up for those who fought so valiantly and are now losing their own battles โ€“ and their families are suffering thru this, too! The 1st responders surely deserve the utmost support and respect!

    My DH lived and worked in NYC (prior to that time) and still had many friends and colleagues even though he no longer lived there. Several perished in 9/11 and thatโ€™s not something he ever forgets NOR SHOULD WE!

    Ok, off the soapbox.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts daily. They get my mornings going and the brain thinking. I thank you!

    31 days ago

    Thank you. I love listening to your thoughts...
    I want to say more... but cannot find the words.

    31 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    31 days ago
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