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One day at a time

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Today's big victory:

Trip to the grocery store where NO contraband jumped into the cart.

Yes, I know intuitive eating says there are no bad foods, no good foods, just foods.

But self-knowledge tells me that there are still some foods that if I have them in the house and the mood hits... be that mood as mild as boredom, as unexciting as fatigue... I can still be a compulsive eater. I know that even "healthy" foods can become the content of a binge. It really isn't FOOD management I'm dealing with, it is SELF management.

It is SELF care. It is recognizing what is in fact nurturing and rewarding, and what is rebellious self-punishment.

I know that I feel better when I nourish myself in healthy ways. I know that when I eat like crap, I will feel like crap. I am particularly pleased that I've once again put a short string of days together where "sanity" surrounding food is growing, even while allergy symptoms and back pain had to be dealt with. I dealt with them *without* comfort eating!

Now that may be "no big deal" to some of y'all, but for ME, it's victory! emoticon Even one such day is a victory, but every new day added to a string makes me stronger.

Hope each of you is out there doing the same: living one day at a time, giving yourself credit for small wins and for progress, not perfection. Seize this one and only Wednesday, June 12, 2019 we'll ever get, and do your best... for YOU. Because you're worth it!

emoticon emoticon
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