Grocery shopping in France

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I’ve lived here for awhile and one of the best things about it is access to good things to eat...and drink. Someone asked me about grocery shopping in France, so here is an example. I spent 45$ or 40 euros and it was Italian Week, where the store has products from their European branches. I bought 4 kinds of Italian cheese including fresh buffalo mozzarella, more than a pound of it in that tub. Three kinds of ham and salami, a pound and a half of chicken breasts, candied pecans, a pound of organic tomatoes, avocados, an Italian pizza for lunch with ham and red onions, raspberries, a bouquet of peonies and half a salmon. Lots of good stuff. No idea of the price of grocery shopping in the US anymore but I know it isn’t cheap.
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