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19 lbs GONE in 6 Months - What's different this time?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I shared on my Facebook and a blog here my success in the last 6 months. For those that dont kniw, I was sick for several months last year & no one could figure out why. Finally, it was determined I had gallstones blocking my biliary duct. I was so sick I could barely keep down the blandest of foods. So 2 surgeries (1st one was unsuccessful) & 4 days in the hospital I was on the long road to recovery.

A Facebook friend asked yesterday, "How did you do it? How did you lose the weight?" Aside from the obvious, removing the organ that was making ne sick, I hadnt really given that question much thought.

Honestly, I didnt really do anything life changing. Yes, certain foods I cant handle now, but I still enjoy things like pizza, burgers, etc.

I could contribute the fact that I started moving the day after I got home from the hospital. Again, nothing crazy, I had 20 staples in me. I merely was walking laps around my kitchen counter a few times a day. Then I graduated to walking to/from my mailbox. Then finally, walking laps up & down the street we live on. I of course at the time, did this all with my rolling walker, for safety reasons.

Somewhere around week 5 or 6 of recovery I started using 2 lb weights (couldnt lift over 5 lbs for 6 - 8 weeks) to do basic strength training.

Once I was medically cleared in mid February I still took it slow & steady for a few weeks. Then ovsr time graduated to using 3 & 5 lb dumb bells for strength training. During all this time I had an online trainer helping me. I was learning new exercises and even working on ones I had tried in the past (ie: plank).

I think a lot of it is working now because Im not obsessing over everything like I used to years ago. I dont track my meals, but am mindful of what I eat. I dont schedule my workouts, but do listen to my body. If Im in the mood for cardio, I do it. If Im in the mood for strength training, I do it.

Im more relaxed about this process, whereas before I stressed over every detail. Cortisol is the stress hormone in your body. My levels have always been high, on top of I have PCOS. So my hormones are all messed up. But ever since Ive taken a more relaxed approach to this process, Im seeing steady results. 19 lbs & FIFTEEN inches lost in 6 months! The only other time Ive lost significant weight like that was both in 2012 and 2015. Both times, that was 19-20 lbs over 12 months. Ive done it in HALF the time now!
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