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Stepped On My Toes, Got My Attention

Friday, June 07, 2019

June Zoomed In, Stepping On My Toes

I got up, dusted myself off and let the June blessings embrace me.

I always kick off the month celebrating my Dad's birthday. My Dad was like Buddha. He impacted the lives of the many he encountered, often healing them in a manner of one conversation.

He called it "Talk Story", saying, "People gotta talk it out, otherwise stay stuck. in their OPU", patting his stomach in a circular motion.

Translating, it means we should make time for each other, to listen, to allow speech to flow, otherwise the emotions dig, burrow, attach to the intestines, stomach, liver, etc. like TICKs, he would say, “Ticks, You no like get da Ticks!” He made me LOL all the time.

I love this pic, it's how I see him right now, still playing that guitar in heaven. I learned to play the Ukulele when I was 5 years old. I would carry it around with me everywhere, copying my Dad, who always had his guitar in his hand. He would play solo guitar, then I would join in on 'the vamp' D7, G7, C the transition to the next chorus.

By age 8, we were a singing duo, I learned all his songs, playing Ukulele by ear, and him yelling out chords, cause I couldn’t read music. By age 10, I sang with Dad, during his set of Hawaiian songs, learning how to harmonize with his voice.

Create harmony for others through music, he’d call it. “If what you do, out of love, makes others happy, then everyone happy.”

Dad lived in this state of grace, it’s called, Live Aloha.

Happy Birthday Dad! Your teachings live! The vamp Dad! Play the vamp, geev ‘em!

Undammed, Uncontrolled, Free Flowing American River - Rio Grande

I got to experience what an undammed, uncontrolled, free flowing river feels like and I won't forget it. Many rivers are dammed, controlled, few remain free flowing which makes this ride special. I got to experience this free flow and it was real. The water levels on the Rio Grande are at the highest in 14 years, due to the massive snow melt in the high New Mexico peaks. The water was high, fast, swift, with multiple eddys, converging around big ancient boulders causing the rapids along the Taos Racecourse.

Here I am, along with a few of my work colleagues at the start of our rafting journey.

The portion of the racecourse we ran had 6 class II - III rapids.

I picked up the paddle, there was an instant MELD, a oneness,

I sat and quickly shifted my legs over the edge and into the raft. I was agile, accurate, secure.

When we pushed off from shore, my 1st stroke, and the paddle easily broke the waters surface, taking on life. Alive.

A flash and a memory, of me at age 16, in the canoe, paddling at practice, at Ala Moana beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. I weighed 175 lbs (10lbs lighter than I am today) and I dreaded practice, I hated it because I wasn't fit or strong like the rest of the girls on my team.

The River guide yells, 3 RIGHT, that's my side, and I'm back, " from memory to in the moment" and we are going into the 1st rapid.

River guide leads us through three more fun, splashy splashy rapids and then leads us to a spot in the river where it is calm. As we float, he tells us "The river will change you. Let It. Flow with it, allow it to change you. Realize you won't be the same person that started the day, embrace the River Blessing." I Did!

The rafting trip was a "Thank You" activity from my company, which went along with the week long business planning meeting. We learned that we will have our work cut out for us this year, not going to be an easy year. Trump and his "mad hatter" policy making has caused headwinds of large scale.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
Geronimo, Santa Fe, NM

Geronimo, Santa Fe, NM

Hawaii Calls

Heading to Hawaii at the end of the month for 2 weeks. I won a trip from my company in late 2018, and am able to use it to go home. I am blessed and grateful for this. My vacation goals are to enjoy family, see friends, eat locally, and open ocean swim daily!

Morphing Sparks
At the business meeting, many of my colleagues talked about how hard it is to make healthy choices when travelling. I haven't tracked food since the 5% Spring challenge ended, my water intake is off, but my sleep, exercise have been consistent. My Spark routine morphs according to my schedule, and I'm good with that, for me it means I've figured out how to "make it my own".

Well, well, there it is, the hook.

I wish for you a successful June, go out there and "Make It Your Own" Spark Friends.

Thank you all for your support! Happy June!

Pomaikai Blessings
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