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Spark Anniversary-One Year

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Today is my one year spark anniversary! I am not sitting here wishing I had started the year before like I was saying to myself then. A year seems a long time when you first start, but here I am a year later and can actually be proud I started.

The change is amazing. I have more energy. I actually enjoy being alive. I make plans to do things. I started out at 5 mins a day exercise because that's all I could do. Increase it by 1 min every week. They say do 10 mins at a time and if I had waited til I could do that I'd never have got out of the starting gate.

I was on 13 different prescriptions a year ago. By end of 2018 I was down to 6. Now I don't have any. I still have restless legs and I take magnesium which helps a lot. Once or twice a week I take extra when I feel it starting. My migraines seems to have let up for now. They decreased a lot when I started serious strength training in March 2019. I no longer take BP meds or arthritis. Still have arthritis but I have learned many days just moving helps. Occasionally I grab the Ben Gay, ice packs, and heating pads for that.

I get compliments on how well I look and I have even had co-workers tell me they have started exercise program because I inspired them to start. First one started in February and it's up to 5 now. I was always hearing from them they couldn't do 10 mins and my answer was always the same-do 5.

I am at 69 planned mins exercise a day. Most days I get more. I was having trouble when I added strength trying to do all the planned cardio and strength so I reduced cardio to 30 mins daily. Timed strength and it takes 39 mins. Once I have that in the rest I track the time but don't call it exercise when I walk or do more elliptical or hike. My goal then is get my step goal in for the day. My mind can't seem to handle I need 30 or 40 more mins exercise to get my steps because it seems such a huge amount, but I can handle seeing I need 3000 or 4000 more steps.

May was a difficult month since my work hours increased due to extended illness of couple co-workers. With all the double backs I've been putting I have finally worked out a solution during those times to do a strength plan I came up with for when I was at work and walk in the office for steps. Most shifts there's a little down time here and there to do it. So I am no longer trying to get it all in during my 8 hr break along with trying to sleep. This month has started out better since I have the plan and not stressing out over it.

I still have a ways to go. The original plan was to lose it all by 6/5/2020 but I am now considering trying for the end of this year. I keep reminding myself if I quit I'll be back to where I started and have to begin again and that keeps me going.
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